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Best Boat Salt Remover | Salty Boater™

Best Boat Salt Remover | Salty Boater™

Salty Boater - Best Boat Salt Remover

July 01, 2022 6 min read


Salty Boater | Official Website |

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Salty Boater | Official Website |


If you own a new boat or an older one, maintenance is a very important key area that you need to constantly focus on. This is why Salty Boater™ has developed a series of superior products that can help you address every maintenance challenge from ceramic coatings, soap, wax and salt remover. It's very important to have the best cleaning products to maintenance your boat.  Salt road grim are just dirty lakes we have your boat cleaning must haves.


Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

Cleaning products are necessary for dissolving and removing dirt, grime, allergens and germs. However, most cleaning products are not made to be directly released into our waterways. Ingredients in certain cleaners can damage fish tissues or persist in the environment and enter the food chain. Some products also contain phosphorous and nitrogen, which can put excess nutrients into the water causing algal blooms which can be harmful to coral reefs and coastal ecosystems. Instead, many cleaning products are created to go through wastewater treatment facilities, where the majority of contaminants and chemicals are removed before the water goes back into rivers, lakes and the ocean.  

Here at Salty Boater all Products are 100% Non-Hazardous, Non-Toxic, 100% Biodegradable.  Safe for all environments. Safe Clean water is very important to marine life. Regularly rinse your boat or boat parts with salty boater products. This can help reduce preventing the buildup of salt, mildew and grime in the first place. 




If you want to keep your boat in ship shape condition then you should invest in a dedicated boat cleaner product like Salty Boater™ Salt Remover. Salty Boater™ Salt Remover cleaning product are specially formulated to thoroughly clean your boat’s hull and other exposed sections to salt, without causing any damage, and removing potentially harmful dirt and debris at the same time.

Since boat hulls are exposed to salt and more seriously harsh elements and weather conditions, they’re always in need of a bit of TLC. Boat hulls have to endure constant contact with seawater, layers of oil and gasoline, and all manner of aquatic life that like to call a hull home. Having the right product that can cut through the grime will protect your boat and extend its lifespan.




The Next Generation Technology Boat Wash Products, we have many products. Salty Boater™ is the go-to brand for almost all detailing supplies for any type of Boat. Salty Boater™  marine products are some of the best in the business, and if you’re looking for an inexpensive boat wash to get your boat looking its best, then this is for you.

This all-inclusive boat soap has been formulated to tackle dirt and grime without harming your fiberglass gel coat surfaces. Its pH neutral, which means that it won’t aggressively attack any of your boat’s gentler areas. It’s a non-streaking formula that gently cleanses away dirt, leaving your boat’s protective layers intact.

The result will leave your boat with a clean finish and a dazzling shine. It won’t harm your gel coat, and it will help to preserve your boat wax and keep your boat looking healthier, for longer. Salty Boater™ Boat Wash is available in a large 12 ounce bottle, which is more than enough to tackle larger boat bodies, and in an economical way too. This is one of the cheapest dedicated boat cleaners on the market, at a very respectable price point too.

The great thing about this Salty Boater™ boat soap is it’s biodegradable, meaning you can safely use it to clean your boat in the water without harming any marine life. Along with that, a little bit of this soap will go a long way. It only takes 3 cap fulls to clean a 25-foot boat.

 The cost of buying a boat is one thing, the cost of maintaining it is quite another. Keeping your boat clean is an essential task and a key part of your regular maintenance routine. There’s no escaping it. To make matters worse, boats aren’t small, and they have a lot of big areas too clean. That’s why it’s important to use the best BOAT WASH PRODUCTS that you can, to take the edge off of an already labor-intensive task.

To make matters worse, boats are also constructed from a wide range of different materials, with each surface having different cleaning requirements to another. Your boat’s gel coat surfaces may require a different cleaning solution to the upholstery, metal areas will require different detergents to the fiberglass, et cetera, et cetera.

You’re going to need more than one type of cleaner in your arsenal, with acollection of different marine polishes and dedicated boat waxes too. No matter what type of boat you have, you’re going to need one type of base cleaner; an all ‘rounder that can cut through the bulk of the grime, across a wide range of surfaces, priming the job so that you can focus on specific areas with dedicated cleaners afterwards.

This kind of broad-match cleaner is what we’re looking at today. There are plenty available on the market, but to make sure you get the right cleaner for your boat, keep these important things in mind Salty Boater™



Salty Boater™ brush is for scrubbing any part of your boat with soap and water. It works great when combined with Salty Boater™ boat soap and deck cleaner.

The part I like most about this pole is that it’s so long that you don’t need a ladder to get to high spots on your boat. However, it does get a little wobbly. Another thing I like is that the bristles are soft enough not to scratch your boat but stiff enough to clean most dirt and grime easily.

 What we like

  • It will not scratch your boat (including vinyl, windows, etc.)
  • Reach up to 12 feet (20 feet with a different model)
  • Doesn’t leave swirl marks


My team teamed up with a leading commercial/industrial chemists to bring one of the most highly effective Boat Engine Flush - all in one small dose in Georgia

A single dose will remove:
Calcium Deposits
Surface & Forming Corrosion (also will halt any corrosion process that has started)
Carbon Buildup

All of the above will restrict water flow through cooling jackets resulting in a hotter engine running, poor fuel economy, and worst-case corrosion leading to total failure. Thats why it's so important to flush your boats engine every time you come back from sea. Using Salty Boater™ engine flush will clean and seal your engine the next time you wanna head out the engine will run just like it was new.

 Our Salty Boater™ engine flush is safe for use on all engine gaskets, seals & rubber impellers meaning no added stress!

Using an added corrosion inhibitor, you will be at peace knowing your engine is protected until its next flush.



Salty Boater™ Outboard Engine & Motor Flush Starter Kit makes flushing your outboard or Jet Ski motor a breeze!

Starters Kit includes:
1 x Engine Flusher
1 x 1L Salty Boater™ Engine Flush Cannon

Flushing your outboard engine and jet ski engine with Salty Boater™ Salt Removing Wash after use on the water helps protect your boat and ski from salt corrosion in the coolant system and helps keep your equipment going for longer.


Salty Boater™ Removing Engine Flush features and benefits:

  • Strong Plastic Hose fittings for tight and non-leaking attachments
  • Made from tough and durable plastic
  • Helps remove salt from your engines coolant system
  • Concentration Selector on top of unit gives you the ability to choose what concentration you flush your outboard at


Salty Boater™ Quick Step Guide to using the Salty Boater™ Engine Flush Kit:

  1. Fit muffs to your engine ensuring they fit correctly & turn on the water and Run through engine until it runs warm out of the tell tail, turn engine off.
  2. Fill the Salty Boater™ engine flusher with 30ml of Salt Remover concentrate & fit the Salty Boater™ engine flusher to the muffs and reconnect water hose
  1. Restart the engine flushing Salty Boater ™ Salt Remover through the motor until bubbles appear out of every exit point.(approx 1 minute ) Turn engine off and then water off
  2. Let the engine sit with Salty Boater™ Salt Remover inside the cooling system for 5 mins to dissolve all the salt. Remove Salty Boater™ flusher from the engine and reconnect hose
  3. Turn water back on and restart engine with the flushing muffs on & Flush till the water is clear ensuring all the dissolved salt has been evacuated (approx 5-10 mins)







Product Overview

Easy-to-use Salt-AWAY gets rid of salt deposits and leaves a PTEF protective coating.

Rinses away salt buildup while leaving a protective PTEF® coating to prevent future salt damage. Convenient mixing unit can be used with garden hose spray (purchase hose and nozzle separately) or with included attachment for engine flushing.

Superior performance in key testing: The Humidity Cabinet Test (ASTM D 17 48) subjects metals to 100% humidity to simulate lengthly, harsh exposure found in the marine environment. Left untreated, metals will quickly show signs of surface corrosion.

Key features 

  • Rinses away salt buildup and leaves a protective PTEF® coating to prevent future salt damage
  • Provides a durable polymer barrier to help prevent future deposits
  • Use on fiberglass, aluminum, stainless steel, rubber, plastic, magnesium and paint
  • Also can be used as a motor flush in I/O and outboard engines to help protect engines used in salt water
  • Ideal for fishing tackle, dive gear, trailers and all other equipment exposed to salt

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