Dubery Sunglasses - Official Website - Dubery Sunglasses Review

Dubery Sunglasses - Official Website - Dubery Sunglasses Review

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Dubery Sunglasses Australia | www.duberysunglasses.com

Dubery Sunglasses D518 



Dubery Sunglasses Australia | www.duberysunglasses.com

Dubery Sunglasses D918

Dubery Sunglasses Australia | www.duberysunglasses.com


Dubery Sunglasses D120

Dubery Sunglasses Australia | www.duberysunglasses.com


Dubery Sunglasses D186

Dubery Sunglasses Australia | www.duberysunglasses.com

Dubery Sunglasses D620

Dubery Sunglasses Australia | www.duberysunglasses.com


Dubery Sunglasses Australia | www.duberysunglasses.com 

Dubery Sunglasses D2071

Dubery Sunglasses Australia | www.duberysunglasses.com

Dubery Sunglasses D911

Dubery Sunglasses Australia | www.duberysunglasses.com



Dubery Sunglasses D1418

Dubery Sunglasses Australia | www.duberysunglasses.com



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Dubery Sunglasses 

All Dubery Sunglasses offers interesting product design with the average price for

Dubery Sunglasses Website

Dubery Sunglasses 

All Dubery Sunglasses offers interesting product design with the average price for people who shop for affordable sunglasses with polarized lenses.  In this article, we will help you distinguish and to know which are fake ones.  Additionally, we gathered a list of the best seller polarized sunglasses from Dubery.  In addition, highlighting the average price and reviews from customers.


Dubery Sunglasses Reviews

To begin our review, let us talk about a brief history of the company.  It started with a collaboration between a Nascar Racer and a Pro Fisherman.  Their dream of launching Dubery Sunglasses was brought to life as they decided to convert common experience in building an online store to a shop of their own http://www.duberysunglasses.com  Their ultimate goal is to establish a shop that is convenient to use.  As well as making it easy to buy products for which items that their customers might be interested in.


Dubery Sunglasses Website

Just imagine polarized lenses as some tools that would help fine-tune your vision, while you're wearing a pair of fashionable sunglasses.  This is precisely what the owners of Dubery Sunglasses company offer in the greater market.  Eyewear can be useful for an athlete, outdoorsman, or even anyone who may find themselves in high-glare situations.  


Who Makes Dubery Polarized Sunglasses?

The team is composed of a group from Charlotte North Carolina whose names remain anonymous to the public.  One paved the way for the idea who then decided to convert their common experience for sunglasses into a web store www.duberyoptics.com   They started offering Dubery Sunglasses products which are all polarized into the local market.  Consequently, as the demand increases, they decided to make dubery sunglasses available for worldwide delivers.


Selection For Dubery Sunglasses and Eyewear

There are a few best seller products from Dubery Sunglasses based on their popularity and sales.  Each design is mainly used for purpose to block harmful lights and sun UV rays that would usually pass through the eyes.  Wherein the glares are a burden for our sight after reflecting off surfaces.  All Dubery Sunglasses models for both men and women come in various styles such as the following.

Classic Dubery Sunglasses

Each pair of Dubery Sunglasses is typically equiped with UV400 lenses. For those who woud like to improve eye comfort and safety further, Dubery Sunglasses also has a lot of polarized sunglasses available.  Wearing a pair can help you take in a view without even squinting.


Dubery Sunglasses - Official Website - DuberyOptics.com

Rider Sunglasses For Bikers

The lightweight and extended lens designs are conceptualized for cyclist and bikers. It is built for long road trips for riders because based on customers feedback it has a weightless pressure nose pads.  Additionally, the temple arms are flexible which could fit all face shape and sizes.

Dubery Sunglasses - Official Website - DuberyOptics.com


Night Driving Sunglasses

If you are having difficulty driving at night.  Try this night vision glasses to balance the brightness and protection from excessive light at night.  This is quite popular for night drivers who are having difficulty with headlight glare and halos which could lead to accidents.

Dubery Sunglasses - Official Website - DuberyOptics.com

Fishing Sunglasses

Outdoor enthusiasts will love Dubery's Polarized Fishing Sunglasses.  As they now have the green lenses with are popular with various outdoor activities.  Especially helpful when the sun is high and dry.  Other lens colors are as available together with the semi-transparent frame.

Dubery Sunglasses - Official Website - DuberyOptics.comDubery Sunglasses - Official Website - DuberyOptics.com



Dubery Sunglasses D518

Dubery Sunglasses D518


  • Brand Name: DUBERY
  • Gender: MEN
  • Style: SQUARE
  • Department Name: Adult
  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • Lenses Optical Attribute: Anti-Reflective
  • Lenses Optical Attribute: Mirror
  • Lenses Optical Attribute: Polarized
  • Lenses Optical Attribute: UV400
  • Eyewear Type: Sunglasses
  • Lens Height: 47mm
  • Lenses Material: Polaroid
  • Model Number: D518
  • Item Type: Eyewear
  • Lens Width: 61mm



Dubery Sunglasses D620

Dubery Sunglasses D620


  • Brand Name: DUBERY
  • Gender: WOMEN
  • Style: Goggle
  • Department Name: Adult
  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • Lenses Optical Attribute: Polarized
  • Lenses Optical Attribute: Mirror
  • Lenses Optical Attribute: Anti-Reflective
  • Lenses Optical Attribute: UV400
  • Lens Height: 42mm
  • Lenses Material: Polaroid
  • Model Number: W-DUBERY-620
  • Lens Width: 70mm
  • Gender: Men Women Unisex
  • Total Length: 153mm
  • Leg Length: 125mm
  • Nose Width: 16mm
  • Suitable For Face: Round Face, Long Face, Square Face, Oval Face
  • Usage Scope1: Riding, Running, Baseball, Badminton, Mountaineering, Swimming
  • Usage Scope2: Rowing, Sailing, Skiing, Camping, Outdoors, Driving
  • Usage Scope3: Fishing, Partying, Fashion Show, Sport, Leisure
  • Color: 8 Colors


DUBERY Vintage Polarized Sunglasses for Men Women Retro Square Sun Glasses D518

Dubery Sunglasses Vintage polarized Sunglasses D518 - Dubery Optics

  • DUBERY Vintage Polarized Sunglasses for Men Women Retro Square Sun Glasses D518

  • Dubery Sunglasses Size Chart
  • DIMENSION - Dubery Sunglasses Lens Width: 56mm(2.20 inches); Dubery Sunglasses Lens Height: 47mm(1.85 inches); Dubery Sunglasses Temple Length: 138mm(5.43 inches); Dubery Sunglasses Nose Bridge: 19mm(0.75 inches); Dubery Sunglasses Frame Length: 139mm(5.47 inches)
  • DUBERY SUNGLASSES HD POLARIZED & UV PROTECTION LENS - DUBERY unisex sunglasses are coated with 100% UV400 protection, Dubery Sunglasses can block 100% harmful UV Rays. Dubery Sunglasses Polarized lenses can reduce glare, eliminate reflected light and scattered light, restore true color, and protect your eyes perfectly.
  • DUBERY SUNGLASSES CLASSIC & FASHION DESIGN - Designed with classic rectangle lenses, fresh new frame colors, stunning colored lenses and frame finish to really give it that extra edge. Dubery vintage polarized sunglasses has various colors can easily follow your daily collocation. Add some edge to your style with these durable and unmistakable dubery sunglasses.
  • PERFECT DETAILS - These DUBERY vintage sunglasses is made from high quality pc frame, composite UV400 lens, integral nose pads, reinforced metal hinges, all the details make it more comfortable and durable.
  • SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE - All DUBERY customers enjoy our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Customers can return and get refunded in case the purchasing is not satisfactory for any reason.You have no risk to try.


DUBERY D518 sunglasses may just be one of the coolest looks in the DUBERY collection. Designed with slightly larger rectangle lenses, fresh new frame colors, stunning colored lenses and frame finish to really give it that extra edge. Add some edge to your style with these durable and unmistakable sunglasses.

Dubery Vintage Polarized Sunglasses


  • Dubery timeless classic design fused with modern fashion elements, perfect for those who seek equal parts performance and style.
  • Dubery has various colors meet your personalized demand, hope they can bring you a colorful mood.
  • Dubery Sunglasses are durability and all-day comfort of lightweight frame material. 

Dubery Vinatge Polarized Has High Quality Polarized Lenses:

  • Dubery Sunglasses blocking light, reducing heat radiation, enhancing color and contrast, minishing damage from strong sunray and restoring image accuracy, gives you enjoyment of a clearer vision.
  • Dubery Vintage HD Polarized lens, minimized glare via technology that produces the best polarized lenses on the planet.Restore the accuracy of the object,and offer you more clear visual feeling.
  • Dubery Sunglasses UV protection lens filters out 100% of UVA / UVB / UVC & harmful blue light up to 400 nm.


Dubery Sunglasses Amazon


Dubery Sunglasses for men polarized is the new trending men’s sunglasses in the US and all over the world.  When a product is very popular you start to get non- Authentic products.  Well eBay and Amazon is full of non - authentic sunglasses.  With no warrantees no return policies.  So stop wasting your money on eBay and Amazon for Dubery products!  Dubery Optics is the only USA Authentic Sunglass Company in the United States that Sells Dubery Vintage Polarized Sunglasses.  So don’t be fooled by non Authentic Dubery Sunglasses.


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Dubery Mens Sunglasses Reviews

 Dubery Mens Sunglasses ReviewsDubery Mens Sunglasses Reviews



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The price starts around $17.50 to 65.95 per pair US Dollars.  Aside from having plenty of options on what type of frame you should purchase.  You may also choose your preferred pair based on your budget since the lower cost of dubery vintage sunglasses products offers an extensive affordable price range.



Dubery Sunglasses Website: Dubery Optics has dubery vintage sunglasses listed for $17.50 to 65.50 US Dollars.  Purchases via PayPal or major credit cards like Visa Mastercard are also accepted as a form of payment for online transactions.



As soon as you confirmed your order on Dubery Sunglasses Website Dubery Optics, with free shipping and no sales tax will be provided on processing.  Dubery products will be prepared straight from Charlotte NC where Dubery Sunglasses Warehouse is located.



Dubery Sunglasses delivery timeframe is 2-3 business days through out the United States with live tracking from USPS. Need help tracking your Dubery Sunglasses just email live support at duberyoptics@gmail.com



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Dubery Sunglasses NZ

Dubery Sunglasses South Africa 

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Why you should buy sunglasses



On top of the aforementioned reasons causing an increased popularity for sunglasses, there are some specific reasons to consider sporting a pair regularly.

Help prevent cancer and disease. Brissette said long-term exposure to UV radiation in sunlight is linked to cancers of the eye — either on the eyelid, around the eye or on the eyeball itself — as well as other conditions like cataracts, macular degeneration and a painful sunburn around the eyes called photokeratitis.

Reduce squinting and protect sensitive eyes. Our eyes' natural defense against bright rays is to squint. According to Brissette, squinting itself isn’t harmful but it can cause tension or fatigue around the eyes, as well as potentially trigger a headache or migraine around the eye region. She also notes that those with lighter-colored eyes tend to experience more sensitivity so they will especially benefit from sunglasses or tinted lenses. Sun exposure and prolonged squinting can lead to wrinkles in the skin around the eyes, she explained, “so [it’s] another good reason to wear sunglasses.”



The Sun & Your Eyes

Safeguard Against Vision Damage

No matter your age, the time of year or location, focus on safety by protecting your eyes from the sun every time you go outside.

In much the same way that it damages your skin, UV radiation (both UVA and UVB) from the sun and tanning beds reaches you by invisible wavelengths, producing DNA changes that can lead to skin cancers on the eyelids and premature aging of the delicate skin around your eyes.

Note: The eye protection information on this page has been curated from articles written for The Skin Cancer Foundation by Rene Rodriguez-Sains, MD.

Eyelid skin cancers account for 5-10% of all skin cancers

At least 10% of cataract cases are attributable to UV exposure

How the sun harms your eyes

UV radiation can cause other serious eye conditions including:

Cataracts: The most common cause of treatable blindness, cataracts cloud and yellow the lens of your eye, causing progressive vision loss.

Macular degeneration: A major cause of vision loss for people over age 60, macular degeneration is caused by cumulative UV damage to the central portion of the retina, the back layer inside each eye that records what we see and sends it to your brain.

Keratitis, or corneal sunburn: UV exposure can cause painful burning of the cornea, the clear surface that admits light and images to the retina. Also known as “snowblindness,” this condition occurs in skiers and hikers because of the sun’s intensity at altitudes and its reflective nature off of water, snow and ice.

Conjunctival cancers: Once rare, these eye cancers are increasing, especially among older people.


While rare, ocular melanoma is the most common eye cancer
in adults. Unlike melanomas that occur on the skin, ocular
melanomas have no known association with UV rays.

How the sun harms your eyelids

If you are like most people, you’ve probably never thought about eyelid skin cancer, and it might surprise you to learn that basal cell carcinoma (BCC), squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and melanoma on the eyelid can occur.

To break it down further: BCCs make up the vast majority — about 90 percent — of eyelid skin cancers. Of the balance, an estimated 5 percent or more are SCCs, while melanomas account for 1 to 2 percent. Most eyelid skin cancers occur on the lower lid, because it receives the most sun exposure.

When diagnosed and treated early, eyelid cancers usually respond well to surgery and follow-up care, with the eye and eyelid functioning intact. But left untreated, they can be dangerous – with the potential to cause tissue damage and blindness. Both BCCs and SCCs can also spread to the eye itself and surrounding areas.

Protect your eyes against the sun

And look cool doing it!

By embracing some simple actions and making them a way of life, you and your family can safely enjoy the great outdoors while protecting the health of your eyes and the sensitive skin around them.

  • Wear sunglasses year-round whenever you are out in the sun. Sun damage to the eyes can occur any time of year.
  • Choose shades that block 99 to 100 percent of both UVA and UVB light. When purchasing sunglasses, look for the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation.
  • Wear a hat with at least a three-inch brim and tightly woven fabric (no holes) to protect your face and the top of your head. Hats can block as much as half of all UV rays from your eyes and eyelids.
  • Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher, to protect yourself when you need to take off your shades. Choose one that is safe for your face and eyes.
  • Be aware of clouds: the sun’s rays can pass through haze and clouds, so eye protection is important even when there is cloud cover.
  • Take extra care near water, snow and sand: 80 percent or more of the sun’s rays reflect off of these surfaces, so that they hit your eyes and skin a second time.
  • Be altitude-aware: UV intensity increases with altitude, so be sure to protect your eyes while skiing, snowboarding and hiking.
  • Seek shade: Whenever possible, especially during times when the sun is most intense (typically 10 AM – 4 PM).

If you are experiencing problems with your eyes or eyelids, visit your physician or eye doctor.

Get proactive about prevention

Safeguard your eyes by making sun safety a daily routine, year-round. For more prevention tips, see Your Daily Sun Protection Guide.

Reviewed by:
Elisabeth G. Richard, MD

Last reviewed: June 2019



Sunglasses For Men

The right sunglasses for your face shape

Finding the right pair of sunglasses for you depends on your face shape. For each shape, there are certain pairs that will look better and certain pairs that will look worse. By knowing your face shape and what works well for you, you can avoid ordering the wrong style online.

Round face

Go with a shape like aviators or something square. Stay away from circles as this will draw out the roundness in your face. 

Oval face

If you have an oval face, you are one of the lucky ones. Most frame shapes will look great on you. The only thing you should stay away from is sunglasses that are bigger than your face. 

Square face

If you have a square face, think soft lines and round shapes. These types of frames will offset the hard lines in your face shape. 

Oblong face

Similar to square face shapes, oblong faces look good with soft lines and round shapes. The only thing to stay away from is smaller frames.

Heart-shaped face

If your face is heart-shaped, you will want to choose sunglasses with sharp corners and lines. Steer clear of anything teardrop-shaped or oversized.

Diamond-shaped face

Most frame shapes will work with this face shape. The only thing to avoid with a diamond-shaped face are frames that don’t fit within the proportions of your face.

Triangular face

Your sunglasses should mirror the proportions of your face shape. That means choosing sunglasses frames that are larger on top than they are on the bottom. Something teardrop-shaped will work well.


Sunglasses Polarized

Finding Sunglasses with the right Polarized features

When purchasing sunglasses, there are a few different types of features to know about. Knowing what you want in each type of feature will help you narrow down your decision. The important thing to remember is finding the features that work best for your face and your lifestyle.


Finding the right fit means finding sunglasses that fit your face shape and facial features. You don’t want frames that go beyond your temples, but you also don’t want them too small for your face. Measure facial width and use this to help you find the right size sunglasses for you. 


There are so many different shapes of sunglasses. You can find aviators, square shades, circular sunglasses, and everything in between. The key to finding the right shape frame for your face is knowing your face shape. As we discussed earlier, there are certain frame shapes that look good on each facial shape.


The material of your sunglasses makes a substantial impact on their durability. Most sunglasses are made of plastic or metal, but not all plastics and metals are created equal. 


You can find lenses that are tinted all sorts of colours. The colour of the tint impacts how the light is filtered through the lens. Amber lenses help to filter blue light. Gradient lenses block the light from above but don’t change your view straight ahead. Red or pink lenses may look cool but they can alter colours and make it difficult to see traffic signals. Figure out how you will most often use your sunglasses and decide which lens tint will work best from there.

Best Sunglasses For Men

How do you protect your eyes from UV rays?

Cataracts, corneal sunburn, and a range of other eye problems can all be caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays. Nobody wants that. 

Still, protecting your eyes from the UV rays of the sun can feel like a daunting task. We know, it seems like there are about 756 different types of lenses that claim they protect you from the sun the best. We are here to help you get the different types of lenses straight, so you can protect your eyes well. 

What’s the secret to keeping your eyes safe from UVs? Choose lenses that have 100% UV protection. These types of lenses are also sometimes called UV400 lenses. These are hands-down the best way to protect your eyes.

Now, some of you might be wondering about the other types of lenses that claim best eye protection. Let’s clear up some misconceptions. 

Polarised lenses do not protect your eyes from UV rays. They do minimize the glare of the sun off of reflective surfaces, and this can be helpful. However, these are not the answer if you are trying to avoid eye damage caused by UV rays.

Getting darker lenses does not mean you are better protected from UV rays. The only way these lenses help you is by making it easier to see in bright light. Go with UV protected lenses for the best protection.


Sunglasses For Men 2020

Frequently asked questions about men’s sunglasses

Which sunglass brand is best?

The best sunglass brands are Dubery Polarized Sunglasses. For a more in-depth look at top men’s sunglass brands, check out Dubery Sunglasses For Men list.

What is the best UV protection for sunglasses?

The best UV protection for sunglasses are sunglasses that have 100% UV protection. Additionally, sunglasses with frames that wrap around the side of the eye offer the best protection because they even protect UV rays from getting in the side of your eye.

What are the most comfortable sunglasses?

The most comfortable sunglasses are the Bandits by Dubery Polarized Sunglasses. They feature the light weight in the arms that relieves pressure on the head, and they have an adjustable nose bridge, making them adjustable at two points.

Who makes the best sunglass lenses?

The best sunglass lenses are made by Dubery Sunglasses. The brand offers a crystal lens that boasts the ability to help you see clearest. Dubery created a BlueLight+ lens that is designed to filter blue light and prevent dry eyes.

Who makes the best polarised sunglasses?

The best polarised sunglasses are made by Dubery. They offer a large variety of frames and styles with polarised lenses. As a classic tried and true sunglasses brand with top technology, you can’t go wrong.

What sunglasses look best on me?

Finding the sunglasses that look best on you all depends on your face shape. Check our guide on choosing the right sunglasses for your face type to see exactly what will look best on you.

What are the best sunglasses for pilots?

The best sunglasses for pilots are the Masters by Dubery Sunglasses. Dubery Brand has be engineering supplying Aviator Sunglasses to the U.S. Military for the past 42 years. Their pilot sunglasses feature unique bayonet temples that are designed to fit comfortably under headgear. Additionally, they have polarized grey gradient lenses offering 100% UVA/UVB protection.


Best Sunglasses For Men




Even if you’re still figuring out the rest of your summer style essentials, there’s no question that you need one of the best pairs of men’s sunglasses to shield your eyes from the sun. They’ve been a signifier of timeless cool for decades, rocked in classic shapes by the likes of everyone from Steve McQueen and Daniel Craig (two icons worth emulating in matters of men’s style if ever there were any).

They’re a key to finishing off a warm-weather look, whether it’s pairing them with slim chino shorts and a simple pocket tee, or rocking them with a slim chambray suit and leather loafers for a summer wedding. And they can also provide critical sun protection during the rest of the year, too. A range of price points in our picks below should satisfy every budget, and as long as you know what you’re looking for — that is, an affordable cost and top-notch quality — you should be set to team them up with the rest of your everyday carry essentials for the warmer months (and heck, well beyond that). So grab yourself a pair of the best men’s sunglasses and get ready to hit the beach — or the mountains.

Clicking on these links and making a purchase may earn us a small referral fee. Learn more here.

Ombraz Armless Sunglasses


Ombraz Armless Sunglasses

Sometimes, men’s sunglasses can be refined and understated — or they can be bold and adventure-minded. There’s room in every collection for pairs that are a bit of both, channeling the old-school cool of McQueen’s Persols and the new-school functionality that James Bond himself might reach for these days. While the Ombraz Armless Sunglassses aren’t Bond-approved, they very well might be, given that they feature a unique armless construction for serious ease of wear and transport. Rugged and refined, all at once. – Shop Now

Electric Knoxville XL Sunglasses


Electric Knoxville XL Sunglasses

The name of the game when it comes to shopping some of the best men’s sunglasses has got to be both affordability and timeless style, in equal parts — that’s where the Electric Knoxville XL Sunglasses enter the picture. Available in two iconic colors (including the excellent Matte Black option), the bold Knoxville XL Sunglasses are a decidedly more casual option than some of the other picks on this list, better suited for waterfront cocktails on vacation than for a long day hike — but you can surely wear them to do both. That’s why we love them. – Shop Now

Warby Parker Fletcher Sunglasses


Warby Parker Fletcher Sunglasses

The makers of some of the best eyeglasses on the market — in terms of both style and convenience — are here to deliver a pair of modern, bold sunglasses for the gentleman who appreciates a well-stocked rotation. The Fletcher Sunglasses from Warby Parker crucially feature scratch-resistant lenses for the right type of performance in nasty winter weather, and they’re equally at home when worn in the spring, summer and fall. – Shop Now

Oakley Apparition Sunglasses


Oakley Apparition Sunglasses

Oakley has long been seen as a groundbreaker when it comes to what its sunglasses can withstand, and that would seem to be the case with the Oakley Apparition Sunglasses — a pair that can travel globally global or cross-country with ease. In our minds, you might not come across a better value when it comes to stylish sunglasses than the Oakley Apparition Sunglasses, considering they retail for under $200 and provide helpful features like an increased contrast and a reduction of bright light. Don’t take our word for it, though. – Shop Now

Bose Frames Rondo Audio Sunglasses


Bose Frames Rondo Audio Sunglasses

When you think of Bose, what’s the first thing that springs to mind? Probably highly effective audio gear for home and away, right? On that note, the Bose Frames Rondo Audio Sunglasses drive home that utility nicely on both fronts — consider these wearable open-ear audio with a stylish, sleek and undeniably cool retro design. They combine all of our favorite things into one (excellent tunes and classic style, in fact). – Shop Now

Huckberry Weekenders Sunglasses


Huckberry Weekenders Sunglasses

Stylish sunglasses rugged enough to take on the trail and to the pub and back that won’t break the bank. That’s the premise behind the Huckberry Weekenders Sunglasses, a premise we can surely get behind as we hit the road this summer. These adventure-ready sunglasses feature a classic Wayfarer design along with scratch-resistant, polarized lenses that will stand up to the unforgiving elements on your next excursion. And all for only 35 bucks. Sign us up. – Shop Now

Oakley Frogskins Eclipse Sunglasses


Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses

Oakley nearly has the market cornered when it comes to adventurous gear for the guy on the go, and the Oakley Frogskins Eclipse fits right in when it comes to those pursuits. The style resurrects a vintage silhouette for the brand and yet upgrades it with more rigorous product specs, including Three-Point Fit functionality for the lenses themselves and a stress-resistant frame. You’d surely do well to buy a pair or two this season — good luck picking a color combo, though. – Shop Now

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic


Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic

Don’t start your search for stylish summer sunglasses without first acknowledging the classics — that is to say, look for a pair exactly like the Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic. This tried-and-true original is as fitting for the menswear world now as it was when it first launched decades ago; the simple style provides all kinds of versatility, whether you wear it with a slim polo and chinos or a pocket tee and navy blue shorts. The price tag is agreeable for all the styling potential you get with these shades, too. – Shop Now

Le Specs Bandwagon Sunglasses


Le Specs Bandwagon Sunglasses

While we’ve noted above that it pays off to buy a pair of highly functional and outdoor-ready sunglasses, we’re all about the sleek style that the right pair of men’s sunglasses offer. In the case of the Le Specs Bandwagon Sunglasses, that means they’re refined enough to wear with a camp collar shirt and tan chinos as they are ready to wear with a slub T-shirt and chino shorts. Oh, and the best part? They’re also built out of black rubber, offering up handy durability — to say the least. – Shop Now

Costa Del Mar Reefton Sunglasses


Costa Del Mar Reefton Sunglasses

Make no mistake, the season is always right if you’re in the market for sunglasses from a respected beach brand like Costa Del Mar. After all, you never know when the opportunity will present itself to take a much-needed winter beach vacation, right? That’s where the brand’s Reefton Sunglasses enter the equation. They draw inspiration from the prominent New Zealand fishing community, so they’re the perfect balance of style that’s equal parts laidback and rugged. – Shop Now

Roka Kona Polarized Sunglasses


Roka Kona Polarized Sunglasses

Look to Roka Kona, as stocked by Huckberry, to deliver the goods when it comes to tough, sleek and subtly stylish sunglasses. As the name implies, the Roka Kona Polarized Sunglasses offer all kinds of critical functionality, and that’s driven home moreso by the fact that Ironman athletes and gold medalists alike have worn this style. That makes them more than road-tested for our purposes, and if that wasn’t enough, they’re done up in a badass matte black finish. – Shop Now

Todd Snyder x Moscot Miltzen Sunglasses


Todd Snyder x Moscot Miltzen Sunglasses

If your wardrobe is filled with stylish Todd Snyder tees and casual basics like the brand’s easygoing Oxfords, you surely need a pair of shades from the Moscot x Todd Snyder collaboration — right? With their unique circular shape and refined style, the Miltzen is but one way to change things up from your regular aviators. It’s a dash of vintage style and modern wearability rolled into one. Wear them with a broken-in pocket tee, slim chinos and crisp white sneakers for unbeatable casual style. – Shop Now

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Classic Sunglasses


Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Classic Sunglasses

It wouldn’t be a complete list without a pair of Ray-Bans front and center, right? And of all the stylish sunglasses on the market, perhaps you think immediately of one style specifically — the Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Sunglasses, of course. These are the sunglasses pioneered by style legends for generations, never gone for long when it comes to enduring trends and timeless style. That means these will look as great with a navy slub polo and khakis as they will with your best summer suit. – Shop Now

Under Armour Double Down Storm Polarized Sunglasses


Under Armour Double Down Storm Polarized Sunglasses

Under Armour continues to make its way into the lifestyle space, particularly when it comes to accessories to complement your Under Armour sneakers or Under Armour workout gear. The Double Down is an unexpectedly stylish silhouette from the brand, made with the brand’s ArmourSight lens technology and delivering rare strength and durability from a pair of shades. Wear them to the gym and wear them out later that day — they can absolutely do both, and they’re made to do it day after day. – Shop Now

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL


Oakley Flak 2.0 XL

Lest you think that winter weather means you need to shelve and store your sunglasses, well … not so fast. The best men’s sunglasses have a range of uses and a range of functionality for each and every season, and keeping your eyes healthy in both the winter and summer is pretty critical, too. Oakley takes a functionally minded approach to designing your new favorite sunglasses, using Prizm Polarized lenses as seen on the Flak 2.0 XL to provide maximum visual contrast and performance, no matter the weather. – Shop Now

Maui Jim South Swell Polarized Sunglasses


Maui Jim South Swell Polarized Sunglasses

What better place to go for essential summer sunglasses than the laid back purveyors of coastal cool at Maui Jim? The simple, easy-to-wear and easy-to-style Maui Jim South Swell shades are your ticket to kicking back and relaxing — while protecting your eyes from the sun and enjoying a cold beer, as it were. Made with a matte black frame and featuring SuperThin Glass for maximum clarity, these are one quick way to sharpen up your sunglasses game for the months ahead. – Shop Now

Sunski Dipseas Sunglasses


Sunski Dipseas Sunglasses

Any pair of sunglasses that blend affordability and rugged style in equal measure are pretty high on our list of the best men’s sunglasses — and that should be the case if you’re still searching for your new favorite pair, as well. The Sunski Dipseas in particular check the right boxes in terms of those two key qualities, and that’s why we recommend you pick up a pair ASAP (yes, even though it’s winter). Featuring your choice of green or blue polarized lenses and full-spectrum UV protection, you really can’t go wrong here. – Shop Now

Shwood Canby Wood Sunglasses


Shwood Canby Wood Sunglasses

The Shwood story starts with premium wood and a stylish silhouette, and carries through to each frame’s long-lasting construction and USA-made quality. It’s a unique story among sunglasses brands, and it’s one that also will score you major style points this summer. The Canby Wood Sunglasses are unlike any pair your buddies will have on, and that’s why we think you’d do quite well to pick this pair up now. Just be sure to wear them to your next BBQ. – Shop Now

Tom Ford Alasdhair Sunglasses


Tom Ford Alasdhair Sunglasses

Seen on stylish guys the world over — including on the face of James Bond in his last movie — Tom Ford sunglasses exude a level of luxury and refinement that’s nearly unmatched in the men’s market today. They’re distinctive, dressy and worth the investment, certainly. They’re absolutely the next pair of sunglasses you need to wear with a lightweight khaki cotton suit or a luxurious polo this summer — and that’s just the beginning in terms of versatility and fashion points for the season ahead. – Shop Now

Gucci Aviator Sunglasses


Gucci Aviator Sunglasses

If there’s one brand that continually makes waves for its bold style, unique looks and assured sense of luxury, it’s Gucci. The brand is having a menswear moment thanks to creative director Alessandro Michele, and a diverse range of accessories — including these ‘70s-esque aviator sunglasses — helps explain exactly why. You should buy these now and wear them with white jeans, driving loafers and a striped polo for style that’s continental, fast and unique. What’s not to love about styling potential like that? – Shop Now

Sunski Seacliffs


Sunski Seacliffs

There are times when you simply want a pair of reliable, durable and dependable sunglasses for a good price. That’s what Sunski delivers, and that’s why it’s so reassuring to know that they’re sold by the great menswear purveyors at Huckberry. With durable five-spoke hinges and a sharp all-black color, they’re a terrific upgrade compared to your standard beach store or grocery store shades — and they’ll absolutely last much, much longer. Team them with khaki chinos and a light blue polo for perfect summer style. – Shop Now

Nike Essential Chaser Polarized Sunglasses


Nike Essential Chaser Polarized Sunglasses

Nike gets in on the sunglasses game with the sporty, well-made and fairly priced Essential Chaser Polarized Sunglasses. Made with the brand’s Nike MAX Optics for durability and clear vision, they blend both reliable style and excellent functionality — that’s to be expected coming from a brand like Nike. You should grab them time and again to team with Nike running sneakers and Nike running shorts for head-to-toe utility every day this season. They’ll work at the beach, hiking or hanging out on your porch — that much is true. – Shop Now

Warby Parker Topper Sunglasses


Warby Parker Topper Sunglasses

Warby Parker has honed the idea of affordable, stylish and easy-to-wear sunglasses — shades offered in an accessible manner, at that. The Topper joins that list for the summer months, and it’s particularly noteworthy for the handsome shade of whiskey tortoise used to in the frame. It’s the type of color that’ll match up remarkably well with all manner of summer tailoring, from a lightweight khaki suit to a seersucker jacket to a classic navy polo. Don’t think twice about buying these ones — at least, that’s what we think. – Shop Now

Raen Optics Wiley Polarized Sunglasses


Raen Optics Wiley Polarized Sunglasses

Want a pair of sunglasses that can reliably take on any style challenge this summer? From the office to a BBQ to a laidback weekend stroll, the Raen Optics Wiley Polarized Sunglasses could be the shades you’ve needed. Premium zyl acetate frames and UVA/UVB protection-enabled lenses make these more than worth the purchase — add in the ability to be worn with a suit or with a graphic tee, and they’re a wise summer style move, no additional accessories needed. – Shop Now

Oakley Diecutter


Oakley Diecutter

The refreshing thing about an iconic brand like Oakley has to be the fact that the brand looks to blend both innovation and functionality with everyday style in each of its releases — not just one or the other. In this case, that means the classic style of the Oakley Diecutter Sunglasses gets blended with stainless steel construction for maximum durability and iconic style. These can be worn with a slim heathered cotton polo, tan chinos and white sneakers for a vacation-ready look. – Shop Now

Shwood Prescott


Shwood Prescott

Shwood seemingly doesn’t stop when it comes to crafting style after style of functional shades that you’ll want — and need — in your seasonal eyewear rotation.The Prescott is practically a classic from the brand, and a change of pace from Shwood’s wooden frames. The Prescott is made with Italian acetate for durability, and boasts a unique design (check out the contrasting top half and bottom half of the frames) for head-turning style. The only thing left to grab is a six-pack of your favorite beer and head to the beach. – Shop Now

Porsche Design Aviator Sunglasses


Porsche Design Aviator Sunglasses

What’s perhaps the best way to accent your speedy Porsche? Porsche-inspired and designed accessories, of course. Take the bold, standout P8478 Aviator Sunglasses — they’re made for the open road, with a large frame shape and the design to handsomely play off of the brand’s driving-ready accessories. There’s no better pair of shades to grab to hit the road — you’ll wish you could take a Sunday spin every day with these Porsche Design shades … that’s what we’d want, at least. – Shop Now

Knockaround Fort Knox Polarized Sunglasses


Knockaround Fort Knocks Polarized Sunglasses

Just because you’re searching for a lower price in terms of sunglasses doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality or durability. Knockaround knows that balance all too well, and they manage to produce tough sunglasses for a heck of a bargain. They’re polarized and feature injection-molded frames for an extra touch of rugged style — that means they won’t break, and they certainly shouldn’t break the bank for you. They’re the kind of grab-and-go sunglasses that really are just what the doctor ordered in terms of an accessible price point, a versatile design and style that goes with all of your summer gear. – Shop Now

Nike SB Flatspot Polarized Sunglasses


Nike SB Flatspot Polarized Sunglasses

Pair up your iconic, performance-ready sneakers from Nike with an equally ready, equally tough pair of sunglasses from the very same brand — it can (and should) be done. The Nike SB Flatspot Polarized Sunglasses in particular are the ones to buy, made to function at a high level no matter what you ask ‘em to do. We love the unique brown frame-and-lens pairing, while the silhouette (based off skateboard wheels via powersliding) is also a breath of fresh air. – Shop Now

Under Armour Glimpse Polarized Mirror Sunglasses


Under Armour Glimpse Polarized Mirror Sunglasses

Looking for durable sunglasses to complement your athletic gear — and perhaps even function when you’re away from the track for your daily run? Then the Glimpse Polarized Mirror Sunglasses from Under Armour are absolutely the way to go, featuring tough ArmorFusion frames made with high-grade injected polyamide. The versatile silhouette ensures that you can even wear these shades to the beach if you feel like it — and why wouldn’t you? – Shop Now

Tom Ford Arnaud 53mm Polarized Sunglasses


Tom Ford Arnaud 53mm Polarized Sunglasses

If you feel like spending a pretty penny on a pair of the best men’s sunglasses — seriously, maybe the best men’s sunglasses out there — then the exceptional Tom Ford Arnaud Sunglasses are the way to go. It seems that every category Tom Ford touches turns into gold, from basics to beautiful footwear to exceptional suiting and yes, these sunglasses. Upgrade your own pair right now. – Shop Now

Tom Ford Snowdon Sunglasses


Tom Ford Snowdon Sunglasses

In matters of style, it’s never a bad move to emulate everyone’s favorite secret agent — James Bond himself. This model of sunglasses was the same style worn by Daniel Craig’s Bond in 2015’s Spectre, and they’d look just as sharp on you as they did on 007 during that film. They’re premium and ridiculously high-quality, but you can snag them for a heck of a discount via Amazon — that leaves you with more money to drop on other secret agent-minded splurges, like an enviable Tom Ford suit or, y’know, a nice car. Conversely, you could invest that extra coin in some extra beach gear — your call, 007. – Shop Now

Randolph Engineering Flash Lens Aviators


Randolph Engineering Flash Lens Aviators

Sometimes, it pays to stick with the classics, particularly when it comes to a pair of men’s sunglasses you’re going to be wearing just about every single day. That’s doubly true when the pair you’re picking up is made in America from high-quality materials, and comes in at a cost that definitely won’t break the bank. Consider the fact that the Flash Lens Aviator from Randolph Engineering is also an extremely stylish pair of shades, and you’ve met your new match when it comes to summer eyewear, whether you’re looking for an everyday pair of sunglasses, or simply another set to add to your rotation. – Shop Now

Maui Jim Even Keel Sunglasses


Maui Jim Even Keel Sunglasses

We’d wager you’re familiar with the vacation-friendly vibes of Mau Jim, but the Even Keel Sunglasses in particular aren’t a pair you’ll be OK with losing or sitting on during your next vacation. They’re durable, highly stylish and versatile, plus they just so happen to be perfectly at home when worn with a printed Hawaiian shirt and tan chinos. You might even want to stock a pair at home for when you return — it’s your call. – Shop Now

Boss 60mm Polarized Sunglasses


Boss 60mm Polarized Sunglasses

When you know a brand for its classic men’s style essentials like razor-sharp tailoring and crisp dress shirts, it can be an exciting prospect to know that they have a full portfolio of other menswear accessories — like some of the best men’s sunglasses on the market. Take these simply designed Polarized Sunglasses, made with red accents and featuring a sleek wraparound silhouette. – Shop Now

Gucci Cruise 54mm Sunglasses


Gucci Cruise 54mm Sunglasses

Gucci has leaned heavily on retro style inspiration in recent years and across its full men’s and women’s collections, so it should come as no surprise that the Gucci Cruise Sunglasses are a fitting entry in that category. Equal parts bold and refined, we appreciate the homage to a classic silhouette — these should be worn every chance you get (but particularly with a luxurious jacket, trousers and loafers from Gucci). – Shop Now


Sunglasses season is going nowhere fast. In fact, at the tail end of the year, when the sun sits at a lower point in the sky, there’s more of a case than ever to be leaving the house equipped with a stylish pair of shades.

In addition to the usual stock of aviators and wayfarers, with their timeless appeal, a couple of additional noteworthy eyewear trends to be aware of right now is that for the oversized, overtly chic and feminine, and also that for futuristic wrap-around styles (epitomised by everyone from Marks & Spencer to Balenciaga) – both very much 1990s- and 2000s-inspired.

Whatever style you choose (classic shapes are good too) it’s not always easy picking a new pair of sunglasses, especially with the opportunity to try them on in-store currently limited. Pile that on top of the breadth of choice in lens strengths, colours and polarisation (glare protection) options and it can all become rather baffling.

As a general rule, always consider face shape. If you want to wear your glasses more than once, it would be smart to consider what actually looks good on you. Square faces, for instance, will benefit from the soft curves of rounder frames. Likewise, the angles of a triangular- or heart-shaped face will be accentuated by aviators. Rounder faces, on the other hand, might consider opting for square or rectangular styles such as wayfarers to harden their features.

Here, to guide you through the jungle of competing eyewear brands, we’ve rounded up a selection of the very best men’s sunglasses for various face shapes, all of which boast a style that transcends the beach alone. Credit cards at the ready.



Introduced in the 1960s as a reworking of the 649 model, the 714 were the first ever folding glasses. These found fame thanks to Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair and have been a timeless men's classic ever since. £175. At Sunglass Hut. sunglasshut.com



Though his knitwear took the bulk of the praise in Knives Out, Chris Evans’ round-framed gold Ray-Bans take the gong for best accessory in a supporting role. Evans proved that as well as being good value for all seasons, they’re just as well suited to a brown overcoat and paisley scarf as your summer getup. £104. At Sunglass Hut. sunglasshut.com

Gucci Sunglasses


Retro shades are a big trend this season and where better to look than Gucci for the perfect pair? Since Alessandro Michele joined the house, the opulence of Gucci's accessories has gone through the roof. These honey-hued glasses are the perfect balance of cool and retro. £355. At End. endclothing.com



Get this season’s go-to frames for a fraction of the designer price tag. On a winter’s day, when the sun is just low enough to induce a squint, nothing looks as swank as a wool overcoat and a pair of sunnies as stylish as these to block the glare. £18. weekday.com

Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta

#NewBottega is the gift that just keeps giving. Yes, the clothes are divine, but the real stand-out is the accessories. If you’re looking to exude luxury from every point in your outfit, then the thick topline and gold accents on this pair will be your new best friend, rain, storm or shine. £285. At mrporter.com

Cutler and Gross Rectangular-Frame Acetate Sunglasses

Cutler And Gross

This is the kind of classic masculine eyewear that was made to be worn with an expensive suit. Handmade from premium materials in acetate, the exaggerated rectangular shape is just excellent while the dark grey lenses are sleek and sophisticated. £315. At mrporter.com



Cult favourite Oakley is always updating its styles to keep its following curious. This style is understated and elegant relative to its statement Jawbreaker designs. We recommend wearing them with your choice tailoring to embrace the formal ’fits you might be missing right now. £160.80. At John Lewis. johnlewis.com

Prada sunglasses


These are the kind of understated glasses that will gain the attention of a fellow fashion friend. Keeping things cool, chic and classy, they’re everything you’d expect from Prada. The subtle square shape will look especially distinguished on rounder face shapes. £260. At Browns. brownsfashion.com

Ray-Ban Blaze Meteor


Consistently the most reliable and stylish sunglasses on offer, Ray-Ban is a household brand for good reason. Though the Wayfarer tends to get the best press, the label’s Blaze Meteor style is no exception. The one-piece lens give them a uniformity of design that’s neither overwrought nor boring: a well-balanced pair of holiday shades. £98. At Sunglass Hut. sunglasshut.com

Rick Owens Sunglasses

Rick Owens

Step into the future with these Rick Owens glasses. The wraparound shape sits like a mask around the eyes, made from a memory flex material so they'll always transform back to their original shape. The brilliant white colour is a great way to add an element of fashion to any outfit, without having to think too hard about it. £288. At mytheresa.com



It’s often considered a style faux-pas to wear sunglasses indoors, but literally no one could blame you when they look this good. Paying tribute to the brand’s rich heritage, wrapped around the gold-tone metal is a luxe chocolate-brown leather that perfectly complements the lighter brown lenses. £300. At matchesfashion.com

Viu Eyewear

Viu Eyewear

Thanks to their angular edges, these Viu shades are an excellent choice with those who naturally have softer faces or a rounder shape. What's more, Viu's lenses are extremely anti-reflective, so perfectly suited to that stronger and more obstructive winter sun. £225. shopviu.com

Izipizi Sun #D sunglasses +1.00


Wallet-friendly Parisian sunglasses brand Izipizi knows all too well the struggle of squinting through a GQ cover story on the beach, which is why these double as a pair of magnified reading glasses, all without compromising style and with a chic curvature and tortoiseshell effect. £33. At Selfridges. selfridges.com

Bonnie Clyde

Bonnie Clyde

Does anything say LA more than a pair of oversized aviators? We think not. Sticking to its roots, Bonnie Clyde creates shades that are meant to be worn on Venice beach. Wherever you might be, let’s emulate some of that Los Angeles sunshine with these green-tea-hued specs. £120. bonnieclyde.la

Asos Design Sunglasses

Asos Design

Stay on trend without breaking the budget. These Asos shades are the perfect injection of colour for the cooler days ahead. The round frame is great for softening a square head shape and the light-tint lens is the ultimate glasses-sunglasses hybrid. £10. asos.com



The iconic Clubmaster sits at the forefront of Ray-Ban's catalogue of sunglasses, along with the other classics that have made our edit. This one should be the centrepiece of any smart look that warrants the addition of a slick pair of shades. £105. ray-ban.com

Fendi sunglasses


Who said logo branding had to be confined to the frame of your sunglasses? Trust a label with a monogram as iconic as Fendi's to spill over onto the lenses, too, and in the same warm colour palette that we've come to associate it with. A real ode to the fashion house, even the temple detailing is cut out in the shape of an F, which could just as easily stand for “Flex”. £297. At ssense.com

Givenchy sunglasses


A lens that wraps around the temples is a wise choice when the sun sits lower in the sky and is more likely to have you squinting. Make them Givenchy and you'll have a trusty pair that'll also elevate any winter look. Ski trips may be off the table right now, but that's not to say you can't bring those black slope aesthetics to Blighty. £355. At ssense.com

Jeepers Peepers Sunglasses

Jeepers Peepers

If its playful and affordable you’re looking for, turn to Jeepers Peepers. Hamilton Remes’ sunglasses brand has been producing novel takes on classics for 15 years and we’re particularly fond of the extra coverage the side cap lenses on this metal pair afford. £11.45. At asos.com

Cubitts Sunglasses


Mr Tom Broughton has been designing glasses for nearly 10 years with his brand known for delivering classic shapes at reasonable prices. These D-frame 'Carnegie' sunglasses are an update on a staple from his collection. The grey acetate with dark grey lenses will take you through all the seasons, which is a big plus if, like all the most fashionable people in the world, you're a fan of wearing sunglasses even when the sun isn’t quite peaking through the clouds. £125. At mrporter.com

Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo’s sunglasses blend all the style of a classic aviator frame with the luxury appeal of a finely crafted small leather good. It’s the kind of detail that makes these the perfect pair in which to roll down the roof of a classic car and drive towards the Italian sunset. Bellissimo. £189. ferragamo.com



We all know Ray-Ban has made some of the most iconic sunglasses in eyewear history, but that doesn't mean they aren't always adding new shapes to keep on-trend. The following style is set to be a big one for the summer. The rectangular shape of the lens gives them a Miami Vice feel. Pair with your favourite revere-collar shirt and just picture yourself cruising in a Cadillac past South Beach. £126.40. ray-ban.com

Marks and Spencer Wraparound Sunglasses

Marks & Spencer

M&S probably isn't the first place that springs to mind when you think about sunglasses, especially this sporty kind of style. That said, you should never discount them – every now and then they produce an excellent value gem for your wardrobe. These wraparound glasses are sporty yet follow the fashion trend led by Oakley, complementing any all-black outfit à la Neo from The Matrix. £19.50. marksandspencer.com

Thomas Sabo Johnny Panto Sunglasses

Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo puts as much attention into the details of its sunglasses frames as it does its sophisticated jewellery, as you’ll see on the embossing of the metal frame, bridge and temples of this pair. The result is an accessory that feels opulent, expensive and sophisticated, rather than something simply to shield your eyes from the sun. £179. thomassabo.com

Cartier CT0165S sunglasses


The classic gold aviator with all the trimmings by Cartier, here. Most notable is that detachable grained leather nose bridge – pure class. Finished with branded lettering that runs down the metal trim, alongside bolt-studs on its arms, you'd be hard pushed to find a pair more worthy of a big investment. £668. At Selfridges. selfridges.com

Oakley Turbine polarised PRIZM square-frame wrap-around sunglasses


Oakley sunglasses are no-nonsense, durable and classic – a brand that truly adheres to style and substance. This wrap-around silhouette is futuristic in style and the matte black finish is sleek and timeless. With polarised lenses that filter out 99 per cent of glare, these will see you through skiing the slopes in the Alps or driving through London traffic. £146. At Selfridges. selfridges.com

Oliver Peoples Cary Grant 2

Oliver Peoples

Back in the summer of 2020, Oliver Peoples launched the second incarnation of its collaboration with the Cary Grant Estate, an evolution of the first-ever authorised collaboration with the estate which highlights the icon’s era-defining aesthetics. Fittingly, this frame conveys 1950s Hollywood without being overtly retro. £348. oliverpeoples.com

Asos Design

Asos Design

Get into the 1980s feeling with these super-oversized sunglasses. Channelling your inner Rico and Sonny for the ultimate Miami Vice homage, why not pair yours with a tonal cord suit? Just remember, the bigger the shoulder pads the better, and slick back that hair. £14. asos.com



The Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Classics are the most recognisable in the history of sunglasses. After its initial design in 1952, the Wayfarer quickly endeared itself to Hollywood filmmakers, musicians and artists, solidifying its iconic style status for years to come. You really can't go wrong. £104.80. ray-ban.com

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Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster

South Korean sunglasses brand Gentle Monster knows how to bring that diverse K-pop style to a pair of shades. These narrow, clear frames are completed by the lenses which stretch right out to the end in order to create a rimless effect, and the blood-red lens is the perfect accent of colour to an all-black outfit. £235. gentlemonster.com

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein has pumped some excitement into this titanium aviator frame with a simple tinted pane that sits between the nose bridge. The aviator being such a sunglasses icon, small tweaks like these make all the difference and we’re particularly fond of the green version. £209.90. calvinklein.co.uk

E.B. Meyrowitz The Forli

EB Meyrowitz

Purveyors of luxury eyewear since 1875, when its first practice opened in London, EB Meyrowitz continues to make sunglasses steeped in timeless elegance. This round frame goes by “The Forli” and is our pick of the range thanks in part to that striking two-tone colourway, but also the detailing: a beautifully sculpted keyhole bridge, acetate that’s lightweight but still sturdy, and anti-glare polarised lenses. £900. At mrporter.com

Celine Metal Sunglasses


Sourcing a metal aviator that looks this darn sophisticated is no easy feat, but if anyone can do it, Celine can. That's largely down to the gold/nicotine hue that adorns both its frames and lenses. They have the Midas touch. £290. At 24s.com

Viu Eyewear sunglasses

Viu Eyewear

These shades might be called The Posh, but unfortunately they won't give you the luxury lifestyle of Victoria Beckham. Instead, the acetate sunnies will give your winter wardrobe a chic sartorial boost. £145. shopviu.com 

Bvlgari BV5048K Octo 56


Being both old-world masculine and new-world stylish is a challenge. For example, is camouflage still trendy or just a “battle reenactment” prop for sad old men? We’re out here trying to meld the two and, in doing so, present to you the Bulgari Octo sunglasses in gunmetal steel. The Rolls-Royce of shades, they have an irresistible masculine beauty about them. £254.50. At Sunglass Hut. sunglasshut.com



Balenciaga often sits at the forefront of eyewear trends. This intriguing pair of “hybrid” sunglasses is unlike anything we’ve seen before: instead of subtly blending two different style tangents, they are almost diametrically opposed and forced to coexist. It creates an awkward and strange beauty that is hard to deny. £205. At End. endclothing.com

Philipp Plein

Philipp Plein

If you're looking for a pair of aviator-style frames to re-create your best Top Gun fantasy, Plein has you covered with these black metal shades. Worn with a sharp suit, they're about as masculine as sunglasses get. £285.50. plein.com

Quay Sunglasses


We have another hero of the high street sunglasses in Australian brand Quay. It's not surprising that we can learn a lot from the Aussies when it comes to the sun (the same goes for SPF skin protection!) seeing as we hardly get any. These super-stylish shades feature an embellished shield, meaning they look just as good from the side as they do from the front. £49. quayaustralia.co.uk

© Matthew Sutter

Finlay and Co.

Finlay & Co

Finlay & Co shot to attention when Meghan Markle wore a pair of the brand’s sunglasses at her debut appearance with Prince Harry. It also does stylish frames for men, as visitors to its newly opened store will attest. Located on London’s Broadwick Street, it offers eye tests using the latest optometric technologies and showcases its full range, from specs to shades, all handmade in Italy. Our pick of the frames? These Bowery beauties. Grab a pair and set yourself up for summer and beyond. £120. finlayandco.com


1. Why are you buying polarized sunglasses?

4 reasons to buy polarized sunglasses

If you’re on the hunt for polarized sunglasses, odds are you’ve already got a good idea of what you’ll be using them for.

Sun protection, appearance, materials, and other added features are all things that can help you refine your search for the perfect polarized sunglasses. Here are the four most common uses, and a few tips to keep in mind when selecting a pair:

  • Casual/Fashion: From daily city wear to driving, casual or fashion focused polarized sunglasses focus less on specific features and are more about the the overall look and style. Classic designs such as Wayfarers, Clubmasters, and Aviators make perfect sense here. Casual polarized sunglasses provide glare reduction from everyday options while also protecting your eyes.
  • Driving: Polarized sunglasses are a must-have if you do a lot of driving. Whether you drive a big rig or a small coupe, driving glasses are designed to reduce glare and allow you to have a crystal clear view of the road no matter what the conditions are like outside. When you’re choosing a pair of sunglasses for driving, though, it’s important to remember that some polarized lenses clash with some tempered glass windshields on cars; this can cause your vision to be obscured, so it’s good to make sure that won’t be a problem before you decide on a final purpose. Lens tint colors like brown, amber, and copper are perfect for reducing glare and increasing contrast so you can see the road exceptionally well even on the brightest of days.
  • Beach: Glare from the sun can be a nuisance anywhere, but it’s particularly prevalent on the beach. The sun shining off the ocean can cause a harsh glare and is also very dangerous for your eyes – the UVA and UVB rays from the sun can cause some serious damage if your sunglasses don’t protect your eyes from the sun. When choosing polarized sunglasses for the beach, 100% UPF is an absolute must. Full lens coverage of your eyes is ideal, but remember that larger lenses can also create the raccoon eyes look if you tan easily. Water and rust-resistant materials are crucial when it comes to the beach as well – the saltwater can be damaging to your shades if they’re not constructed from the right materials.
  • Sports: Polarized sunglasses can be great for sports, where contrast and glare reduction are very important so you can see with enough clarity to play your best. Sun protection is also important, particularly for eye health, so that’s something to keep an eye on when you’re checking out your options for some sports shades. A good fit is also a factor to keep an eye on, as you don’t want your frames falling off if you’re participating in an active sport like baseball or tennis. Frames that wrap around your face will offer ideal protection and fit, and durable materials is a must for a good pair of sports sunglasses. Flip frames are another feature that you’ll commonly find with sports polarized sunglasses – they’re popular especially with baseball players.

2. Find the right pair of polarized sunglasses to complement your face shape

Just like with normal sunglasses, polarized sunglasses come in all different shapes and sizes. Rectangle, square, round, oval, and aviators or pilot-style sunglasses are just a few of the many options you’ll have to choose from. Be aware of what sunglass style suits your face shape, as that will be a big factor that determines how good you look.

A good rule of thumb is to look for sunglasses that contrast with your face shape – for example, if you have a round face, you don’t want round frames.

3. Know how to select the right fit for your sunglasses

A good fit is critical for comfort and function; choose sunglasses that don’t fit you right, and you’ll have plenty of problems to deal with. If they’re too loose, they can easily slip off, but sunglasses that are too tight can cause headaches and feel uncomfortable.

Fortunately, sizing for sunglasses is normally very straightforward. Some styles have a few different lens sizes to choose from, and brands will often offer different bridge sizes as well. If you’re uncertain on size, check a pair of glasses you currently own, as the size will be printed on the inside of the temple. If not, go to a store and try some on to get a good feel for your size. There are also some great online guides, such as this one, where you can use a credit card to measure the distance between your retina and bridge to get an idea of what size frame suits your face best.

4. Popular brands of polarized sunglasses

As we researched countless brands, we found that the following were among the most popular and well received among men:

  • Callaway
  • Costa
  • Electric
  • Kaenon
  • Maui Jim
  • Nike
  • Oakely
  • Raen Optics
  • Ray-Ban
  • Revo
  • SunCloud
  • Sunwise
  • Tifosi Optics
  • Warby Parker
  • Zeal

Now, it is worth noting that the list above excludes designer brands like Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Off-White, and other premium high end brands. While their sunglasses are decent, chances are that most folks aren’t buying those brands for eye protection, but rather as a status symbol.

5. What color frame and lenses should you go with?

When it comes to color, you’ll need to think about two things: the color of the sunglasses frame, and the color of the tint. Here’s a few pointers you will want to keep in mind:

Frame: Choose whatever frame color you like, but make sure it complements your face or the clothes you’re expecting to wear the sunglasses with. If you generally wear professional clothes or are wearing sunglasses in a formal setting, bright and extravagant frames might not be the best option.

The most common frame colors are black, brown, silver, and gold, which are all classic and go well with just about any outfit.

Tint: Dark tint colors, think brown, gray, and green, reduce glare and eye strain, and are very useful if you’ll be wearing your polarized sunglasses in very bright conditions. Gray and green tints don’t distort colors, but brown might, so if you want your perception of color to be highly accurate, it’s best to stay away from brown.

Light colors like yellow, gold, amber, and rose are best in low to moderate light, and they allow great depth perception and enhance contrasts. When picking your lens tint color, it all comes down to your intended use.

6. Frame & Lens Materials

Beyond the color of frames and lenses, the actual material is equally important. Here’s the common materials found in frames:


Plastic: From sports to casual sunglasses, plastic frames are durable, lightweight, and inexpensive. Plastic allows you to showcase your unique style as this frame material can come in many different color options. Cheap plastic frames can break, fade, or melt easily, so they’re not intended for men who want sunglasses to last.

Durable plastic frames made from acetate, a nylon-based plastic, are strong, flexible, and common on many high-end sunglasses (source); however, they’re also more expensive than basic plastic.

Metal: There are plenty of different metal types that are used for sunglass frames. Here are a few of the most common:

  • Monel: A widely used metal mixture that is both malleable and corrosion resistant (learn more here).
  • Titanium: A very durable and lightweight metal, titanium resists corrosion and is often made from an alloy to increase durability and affordability.
  • Beryllium: Beryllium is similar to titanium but comes at a lower cost and is also lightweight, strong, and flexible.
  • Stainless steel: Lightweight, durable, and resistant to corrosion and heat.
  • Aluminum: A very lightweight metal, aluminum is resistant to corrosion, offers a unique look; it’s typically blended with other metals and materials to add strength and durability that aluminum would not have on its own.

There are plenty of other less practical options, including wood and crystal frames. However, these are mainly used as fashion statements and are not very durable or practical.


Glass Lenses: They offer the best viewing quality and are the most scratch-resistant lenses available. On the flip side, though, they are the most expensive lens type and can be prone to shattering – still, it may be worth it if clarity is of the utmost importance to you.

Plastic / Polycarbonate Lenses: These lenses are lightweight and impact resistant. Although they don’t offer the same viewing quality as glass lenses, they tend to be more durable. Acrylic and polycarbonate plastic are the two options here, with polycarbonate plastic being the better of the two.

7. Price Range

Just like with normal sunglasses, the price of polarized sunglasses can vary from $15 dollars to several hundred dollars. Polarized sunglasses do tend to be more expensive than standard sunglasses on average, as polarized technology is specialized and doesn’t come with every pair of shades. To get a good pair of polarized sunglasses, you can expect to pay between 50 and 250 dollars; this will ensure you’re getting sunglasses with good materials, 100% UV protection, and a great style.

8. Other extra features that many men love in polarized sunglasses

There are plenty of extra features out there that can be great depending on your intended use. Here are some of the most common:

  • UV Protection: We’re listing UV protection as an extra feature here, but realistically it should be something that all men consider when looking at polarized sunglasses. 100% UV protection is always recommended, as it prevents your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays and keeps your vision working as it should.
  • UV400 Protection: You may notice in your search that some companies feature UV400 protection. UV400 protection means that the lenses will block both UVA and UVB rays along with all other rays with a wavelength less than 400 nanometers. This additional protection can help to prevent eye diseases such as cataracts, macular degeneration and others from happening (source).
  • Photochromic (Transitional) Lenses: Photochromic lenses, also known as transitional lenses, darken when they’re exposed to specific kinds of light. This feature is most common in prescription sunglasses to make them useful in outdoor and indoor situations. Though you won’t find this feature in many pairs of polarized sunglasses, it can be helpful depending on your needs.
  • Hypoallergenic: Hypoallergenic sunglasses only matter if you have sensitive skin or allergies, but if you do, remember that the term hypoallergenic is not well-regulated. Many brands will claim that their sunglasses are hypoallergenic when in fact they are not, so as a general rule, look for acetate, titanium, and stainless steel to be hypoallergenic materials. Nickel is a material that’s best avoided if you have sensitive skin, as it is known to cause irritation.
  • Bifocal/Progressive Lenses: On bifocal and progressive polarized lenses, the bottom portion of the lens is for near vision (like reading glasses), and the top portion is for regular distance or long distance, depending on your viewing needs. Bifocal lenses will have a distinct line between these two, while progressive lenses feature a more gradual transition. Progressive lenses also have a middle range of vision, called intermediate, that’s perfect for viewing something a few feet in front of your face.
  • Blue Light Protection: Blue light is a type of light that’s emitted from electronic screens, and limiting blue light can help you sleep better at night (source). Not all polarized sunglasses have blue light protection as this filter is intended for indoor use only.
  • Interchangeable Lenses: Interchangeable lenses are great, particularly if you use your polarized sunglasses in a wide variety of situations where different lens tints are necessary. If you plan to use the same pair of polarized sunglasses for sports, fishing, driving, and the beach, for example, you might want to look for a pair with interchangeable lenses.
  • Glare Blocking Side Panels: Side panels to block glare are a rare feature on polarized sunglasses that help to prevent glare from your peripheral vision. They’re typically magnetic and will easily affix to the inside of the sunglasses. These are great for adventurers, hikers, or those who will be in a wide array of lighting conditions.
  • Spring Hinges: Sunglasses with spring hinges allow for extra give between the temples and rims greatly reducing the chance of the sunglasses breaking. This little feature can be a lifesaver if you lead an active lifestyle or simply want more durability in your next pair of sunglasses.

The 10 Best Polarized Sunglasses for Men of 2020 Reviewed

1. Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Polarized Sunglasses

Ray-Ban unisex adult Rb2140 Original Wayfarer...

Best Features:

  • Durable and should last a long time
  • Real glass lenses are scratch resistant
  • Blocks harsh sun rays

Best For:

Anyone that wants the best bang for their buck when buying a versatile pair of sunglasses.


What does Jack Nicholson, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, and Cary Grant all have in common?

They all wore Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses.

Introduced in 1956 (source), the Wayfarer style was an instant classic that has been a fixture in American pop culture. Not only are these sunglasses timeless in design, but they are also intimately versatile, making them one of the best polarized sunglasses for the money. Whether you are attending a business meeting with high-level executives or looking for a pair of sunglasses to wear on the weekends, Wayfarers will pretty much never look out of place.

While the design and versatility are one thing, the reason why we think this is such a great value buy is that the sunglasses are well made.  With high quality glass lenses that are scratch-resistant, these sunglasses can withstand a ton of abuse.  Furthermore, the lenses provide strong sun protection with a 100% UV block rating.

Perfect for everyday use, these glasses come in many different lens treatments. From mirrored lenses to several gradient lenses, you should be able to find one to match your style. Of course, if you want the classic version, we recommend opting for the green classic lenses.

Furthermore, the acetate frames are lightweight, yet wear comfortably against your head. 

Important to note is that Ray Ban offers the Wayfarer in two different sizes:

  • Standard (50mm lens width, 22mm bridge width)
  • Large (54mm lens width, 18mm bridge width)

Additionally, these sunglasses are available with prescription lenses.

Noticeably absent from the Wayfarers is a rubber nose pad, three-point fit (commonly found in other brands), rubber temples, etc.

While they don’t offer a lifetime breakage warranty found in other sunglass brands, Ray-Ban does at least offer a limited warranty against breakage due to manufacturer defects.


  • Moderate color contrast great for everyday use
  • Frame material is lightweight and durable
  • Lens style is timeless


  • Carry case is a bit flimsy
  • Not as substitute for sports glasses

What You Need To Know

When looking for everyday sunglasses, the Ray-Ban Wayfarers set the standard when it comes to timeless and elegant design. Able to withstand a variety of weather conditions thanks to the durable design, these polarized lenses are indispensable when filtering harsh visible light making them one of the best polarized sunglasses for men.

2. Warby Parker Durand Sunglasses

Best Features:

  • Available in both medium and wide options
  • Polycarbonate lenses are lightweight and durable
  • Great to wear as casual or driving sunglasses
  • 1-year no-scratch guarantee

Best For:

Men who want stylish polarized sunglasses at an affordable price from a respected brand.


When it comes to online stores for eyeglasses, Warby Parker sets the standard when it comes to both design and price.  While sure, there are other outlets such as Zenni Optical that may have pre-dated them, there is no denying the disruption that Warby Parker has done to the industry.  Instead of paying several hundred dollars for designer sunglasses, they challenged the status quo and offered great sunglasses for under $100.  While offering stylish and affordable sunglasses is one thing, if you have poor vision, you will be happy to learn that you can buy a pair of prescription sunglasses for a fraction of the price (typically less than $200) when compared to the designer brands. 

Beyond saving your wallet, the materials that they use are decent.  To help achieve these significant savings, frames such as the Durand are made from hand-polished cellulose acetate.  This material is both strong and fairly light, making it not feel like its overtaking your face when worn. 

The lenses on the Warby Parker Durand are the same found in other quality polarized sunglasses: polycarbonate.  This synthetic material is impact resistant.

Warby Parker really shines when compared to other sunglasses brands when it comes to standing by their product.  Once shipped, you have a 30-day return window and a one-year scratch guarantee on the quality of the lenses. So if you drop the glasses and the lenses somehow become scratched, you can send them in and get them replaced for free.

When it comes to the lens options available, Warby Parker offers the following:

  • Non-prescription
  • Single-vision
  • Progressives
  • Readers

To put it simply, you don’t have to make a single compromise when buying your sunglasses.


  • Affordable and stylish
  • Low-price prescription eyewear options available


  • Not suited for sporting activities

What You Need To Know

When it comes to Warby Parker Durand’s, there is a lot to love.  Great looking sunglasses at a fraction of the price of the bigger brands.  The 1-year no-scratch guarantee is among the best in the business.

3. Raen Optics Remmy Polarized Sunglasses

RAEN Optics Remmy 52 Honey/Bottle Green One Size

Best Features:

  • Handmade zyl acetate frames
  • Five barrel hinges provide rigid strength to the body
  • Best-in-class CR-39 lenses made by Carl Zeiss Vision

Best For:

Men who want adequate protection for their eyes while also looking stylish.


A timeless and elegant design, the Raen Optics Remmy Polarized Sunglasses are a terrific pick for those men who want one of the best polarized sunglasses that are truly unique and stylish.  Not only is the design on these sunglasses top notch, but the quality of craftsmanship is unparalleled.

Unlike so many brands that mass produce their sunglasses in factories, every pair of Raen Optics sunglasses are handmade.  Crafted from a single flat sheet of sustainably sourced zyl acetate (source), this hypoallergenic material has a distinct and one-of-a-kind look.

Relying on high quality CR-39 lenses that have been manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision, the world’s leading manufacturer of precision optics, the quality is unmatched.  Furthermore, the lenses have a moderate 6 base curve.  This just simply means that the curve of the glass isn’t nearly as aggressive as an 8 base curve that is found in wraparound sunglasses.

While these sunglasses are largely sold online, Raen Optics does have a location on the west coast in Oceanside, California where the company headquarters are located.

If you decide to order directly from their website, Raen offers several color and size options.

For warranty info, Raen Optics offers a 365-day warranty from the time of purchase.  It is important to note that this warranty does not cover scratched lenses and physical damage.  Instead, it just covers manufacturer’s defects or flaws in the product.


  • Sophisticated style perfect for wearing around town
  • Attention to detail is unmatched
  • Handmade ensures quality


  • Expect to pay a premium

What You Need To Know

While they won’t work well for a strenuous activity such as biking, hiking, running, etc., they are perfect weekend wear.  Their sophisticated design will upgrade your overall style.

4. Drifter Polarized Retro Square Sunglasses

Best Features:

  • Costs less than 20 bucks
  • Timeless style works for many occasions
  • Several options and styles available

Best For:

Men looking to save a few bucks on their next pair of shades.


When it comes to finding the best cheap polarized sunglasses for men, there perhaps is no better place to go than sunglasswarehouse.com. While we will review their nice Drifter shades in just a minute, if you aren’t familiar with them already, Sunglass Wearhouse is an online-only store that features both trendy and classic quality sunglass styles at rock-bottom prices.

While many men who like to keep their expenses in check and are looking for a decent pair of polarized sunglasses for under $50, the shades you see here are actually less than half that price.  To be more specific, they are under $20 a pair.

…So, what’s the catch?

Simple, instead of carrying designer brands and artificially raising prices, they charge a fair value for sunglasses given the materials involved. 

When reviewing the Drifter sunglasses, what we particularly liked about them was the quality.  With 99% UVA/UVB sun protection coupled with polarized lenses, your eyes will remain protected throughout the day. 

To lend to the stylishness factor of these shades, Sunglass Warehouse makes them in three different combinations:

  • Black frame with smoke lenses
  • Tortoiseshell frame with amber lenses
  • Brown frame with amber lenses

If uncertain, the tortoiseshell frames are always a classic choice. Beyond the color and eye protection, we were happy to see discrete dimensions for these sunglasses available (including the temple length, nose bridge width, lens height, etc.). This way you can compare measurements to existing sunglasses and see how they compare before you place your order.

While these sunglasses are cheap, we still wanted to mention the return policy.  You will be happy to learn that Sunglass Warehouse offers a money-back guarantee (minus shipping) on sunglasses within 365 days from the date of purchase.

Now it is worth noting that to keep the price down, these sunglasses do not come with a case.  While likely not a dealbreaker for many, it’s a small detail that is worth mentioning.


  • Available in several different color combinations
  • Protects your eyes from harmful UV radiation
  • Affordable


  • No case included

What You Need To Know

If you don’t care about high end designer brands and want to save a few bucks, then these sunglasses are a perfect pick. Expect a few compromises when it comes to extras (no case).

5. Costa Del Mar Saltbreak Polarized Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar Men's Saltbreak Polarized...

Best Features:

  • Polarized fishing glasses done right
  • Several lens colors for different uses
  • Help you see easily through the water

Best For:

Anglers who are looking for fishing sunglasses that provide sharp visibility through the water.


When it comes to finding the right pair of sunglasses for fishing, most experts agree that the best brand out there is Costa Del Mar.  But what makes them so great?

To put it simply, the Costa Del Mar Saltbreak Sunglasses were designed for fishing.  Whether you are miles off the Florida coast saltwater fishing or freshwater fishing in Western New York, these sunglasses will up your game by allowing you to be able to see through the water to spot fish. 

Now when it comes to lens color and lens technology, it’s important to be familiar with how Costa Del Mar categorizes their lenses.  At the time of initial publication, Costa Del Mar makes the following lens varieties:

As you can see above, for the serious fishermen, the blue mirror and green mirror lenses will be your best bet when it comes to visibility.  These lenses provide a high contrast that will filter out the surface glare produced by light waves. 

Now if you aren’t sold on the frame style of the Saltbreak variety, then a few options will be the Costa Del Mar Fantail or Costa Del Mar Tuna Alley sunglasses.  Both rely on the same quality glass and lenses that provide increased visibility when fishing.

One noteworthy feature about Costa Del Mar sunglasses that you will want to know about is the lens material.  Most of their sunglasses can be bought with either a plastic or glass lens.  With a ~$60 premium, glass lenses provide better protection and durability.  Should a fishtail come up and catch you in the face, you can expect the glass to withstand the impact.

While the lenses of these fishing sunglasses are superior, so too are the frames.  These lightweight nylon frames are durable and feature a hydrolite rubber grip.  Used on both the nose pads and temple, this grippy texture will make sure that the sunglasses don’t fall off if you quickly turn your head (for example: if a fish splashes water up at your face while fishing).  If you are on a boat, this little feature can help you save a few hundred bucks by not having your sunglasses go overboard and sink to the bottom of the ocean.

Should these sunglasses ever break, Costa Del Mar offers a lifetime warranty.

You can get these sunglasses with prescription lenses, however, you will have to order directly from one of their preferred retailers: FramesDirect.com or SportRx.com.


  • Great for all types of fishing (sight fishing, fly fishing, saltwater fishing, etc.)
  • Green & blue mirror lenses great for highly reflective conditions
  • Rubber temple pads and nose pads make for a comfortable fit


  • High contrast may cause some color distortion

What You Need To Know

Respected by the fishing community, the Costa Del Mar Saltbreaks are the best polarized sunglasses for fishing currently available. With great visibility through the water along with a smart and lightweight frame design make these sunglasses a winner for fishermen everywhere.

6. Maui Jim Peahi Polarized Sunglasses

Maui Jim unisex adult Peahi Sunglasses, Black...

Best Features:

  • Great for boating
  • Strong blue light protection
  • SuperThin glass lens is scratch and solvent resistant
  • Anti-corrosive spring hinge

Best For:

Whether you are boating, having fun with water sports, or hanging at the tiki hut, these sunglasses are the quintessential beach shades.


Getting its name from the surf break on the north side of Maui, the Maui Jim Pe’ahi sunglasses were not only inspired by, but made for the open water.

Whether you are boating on the open ocean or at a local river, these shades by Maui Jim give you clear visibility, no matter how big the waves are.  So if you are pulling into a dock or on a sandy beach, the enhanced visibility will reduce water glare so you can see any hazardous objects in the water such as rocks.

The reason that these sunglasses perform so well in strenuous light conditions is thanks to the SuperThin polarized lenses.  They work well to block distracting glares and other changing light conditions such as waves.

With frames made from Grilamid, a variant of polymer, these sunglasses are extremely durable and should withstand a fall or two.  To help keep these sunglasses secured, the temples are made from a hypoallergenic Cellulose Propionate that has rubber ends.

What does this mean for you?

These sunglasses will rest comfortably snug on your face and not require constant readjustment when a large gust of wind hits you on the open water.

Now if boating or water sports is not the primary reason you are buying these shades, not a problem. These sunglasses by Maui Jim are great for everyday use given their classic style and all-day wearing comfort. 

One of the few pair of sunglasses available that has earned the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation, Maui Jim sunglasses are one of the best picks out there if you are serious about protecting your eyes.

Included with the sunglasses is a tri-fold case and cleaning cloth.

Given that these shades are quite pricey, to provide you with peace of mind, Maui Jim does offer a two-year warranty.


  • Neutral grey lenses offer great color perception
  • Moderate lens sizes offer balanced protection
  • Grilamid frames are extremely durable
  • Available in several different lens and frame colors


  • Frames may begin to degrade if exposed to harsh conditions for prolonged periods

What You Need To Know

While these sunglasses are made for boating and water sports, men who want to fully embrace the beach bum lifestyle will love these sunglasses.  They provide great clarity on the water and strong protection from the bright sand.

7. Oakley Holbrook Polarized Sunglasses

Best Features:

  • Lightweight nylon frame
  • Reduces distractions from intense sunlight
  • Ideal for most drivers

Best For:

Anyone who wants clear and sharp vision when driving.


When it comes to seeing changing traffic lights, potential oncoming traffic, and general road hazards, it’s important to get a quality pair of polarized sunglasses that were designed for driving. There perhaps is no better option out there than the Oakley Holbrook sunglasses with Prizm Polarized lenses (you can learn more about Prizm technology here).

With a moderate Visual Light Transmission (also known as tint density) rate of 12%, these work great in sunny conditions and provide you with terrific contrast and detail of the objects on the road while blocking out an impressive 99% of the reflected glare.  This means that you can easily see red lights or pedestrians and any other potential road hazards. Whether you are driving in the snow, near a large body of water, or simply down a long stretch of interstate, you will be able to keep your eyes on the road. Furthermore, with such a great tint level you will not get headaches from eye strain or eye fatigue, making you a safe and responsible driver and likely reducing your chance of future accidents.

When it comes to the design of the Oakley Holbrook polarized sunglasses, they expertly capture the spirit of adventure.  With a classic frame design that works for most face shapes, even when you aren’t driving, these shades will still look pretty sweet, hence the extraordinary high rating many other reviewers give this pair of sunglasses.

While you can find the Oakley Holbrook’s in metal, the one we reviewed was made with O Matter.  O Matter is Oakley’s proprietary material that is synthetic, lightweight, and strong. Similar to acetate frames, the Oakley Holbrook sunglasses won’t rust nor feel heavy on your face when worn for extended periods of time.

For the men who have poor vision, and simply don’t like wearing contact lenses for extended periods (or at all), Oakley does offer prescription lenses for an additional cost.

Lastly, the price.  When it comes to Oakley sunglasses, they can cost a couple of hundred dollars.  While the Holbrook’s are by no means cheap, they are at least in range for most.  With a price tag hovering around the lower $100s, they are a great deal given the quality.  However, if you plan on getting prescription glasses for this frame, expect to pay a premium.


  • Makes for the perfect driving experience
  • Protects your eyes from harmful UV light
  • Easily see important dashboard information
  • Distracting sunlight from windshields becomes a thing of the past


  • Prescription glasses variant is pricey

What You Need To Know

When it comes to the best polarized sunglasses for driving, there is no better option than the Oakley Holbrook’s.  The reduction in glare allows for great visibility no matter the conditions you are driving in.  These sunglasses are also incredibly stylish making them a versatile pair to wear on the weekends.

8. Callaway Sungear Kite Golf Sunglasses

Callaway Sungear Kite Golf Sunglasses - Tortoise...

Best Features:

  • Improved contrast allows you to read greens better
  • Great at protecting your eyes from intense rays while on the course
  • Modest price point

Best For:

Golfers who want a great pair of sunglasses that help improve their performance when hitting the links.


When it comes to trying to see your golf ball in the air or trying to read a green, clear vision is everything. All it takes is one distracting glare to lose your ball in the rough or misread a green on a hole and lose a friendly game with your buddies. Unfortunately for most, your typical everyday sunglasses just simply won’t cut it when hitting the golf course.  To perform your best, you need to go with lightweight sunglasses that provide great depth perception on even the sunniest days.

Truth be told, when reviewing a variety of sunglasses including the now discontinued Nike Golf X2 Pro (although you can still find plenty of them on eBay), Nike Maverick Polarized, Oakley Flak 2.0, and others, the Callaway Kite sunglasses simply checked all the boxes when it came to both performance and quality.

With specially designed golf lenses made for the rich colors found on golf courses across the world, these lenses offer 100% protection from a variety of harmful UV rays including UVA, UVB, and UVC.

Unlike so many other golf sunglasses that come up short, it’s the little details that set the Callaway Kite sunglasses apart from the pack.  With adjustable nose pads and a Hydrophilic Megol temple, these will stay comfortably on your face when swinging the club or sweating on the back nine on a hot summer day. The frame size of these sunglasses is a bit larger. Callaway recommends these golf sunglasses for a medium to large head size.

When it comes to extras, Callaway includes some great extras with these sunglasses including a lens cloth, carry pouch, and a rigid case that can be easily clipped onto your golf bag.


  • Likely take a few strokes off your golf game
  • Increased depth perception
  • Designed for a larger head size
  • Reduces sun glare


  • No prescription option available

What You Need To Know

With these specially designed golf lenses, the Callaway Kite sunglasses will help to increase your overall performance through better vision when on the golf course, especially on sunny days.  When compared to the alternatives, these are the best polarized sunglasses for golf.

9. Oakley Flight Jacket Shield Sunglasses

Oakley Men's OO9401 Flight Jacket Sunglasses,...

Best Features:

  • Great field of vision
  • Secure fit
  • Specially designed nose piece increases airflow

Best For:

Anyone looking for a great pair of cycling sunglasses that have a great field of vision and lightweight design.


While initially designed for both cycling and running, the aerodynamic design of the Oakley Flight Jacket sunglasses is well thought out and remarkable, to say the least.  First, the field of view for these cycling sunglasses is unmatched. With an open-edge brow that allows you to see objects on the road ahead without having to move your head upwards, you can concentrate on your performance above all else.

Made with Oakley PRIZM lens technology, the specially designed polarized glass improves contrast for road conditions, allowing you to spot an uneven surface or even pothole with ease.  To ensure that you don’t ever have to readjust the glasses while in the middle of a race, the no-slip Unobtainium nose pads and ear locks will stay in place even as sweat begins to build up.

But perhaps the biggest selling point to these running and cycling sunglasses is the anti-fog design.  With a specially designed nose bridge and temple design, air can flow between the glass and your body to prevent fog from obstructing your view.  While these sunglasses were designed for athletes pushing their bodies to the max, we think that the anti-fog glass makes it also a great pick for motorcyclists (who aren’t happy with the visor on their helmet of course), urban cyclists, and perhaps even skateboarders.

If there were any shortcomings for these sunglasses it would be around replacement parts.  Unlike its primary competitor, the Rudy Project Defender sunglasses, Oakley doesn’t offer replacement temple tips, rubber nose pieces, etc.  Instead, the only replacement option available for the Flight Jacket is the lens itself (typically costs ~$50). With that being said, when compared to the Ruby Project Defender sunglasses, the Oakley Flight Jackets are a bit cheaper.  

Should the frame break on you at any point, Oakley does offer a 50% off full-price replacement with their Oakley MVP Loyalty Program (learn more here).

If you order these direct from Oakley, you can get them with a prescription. 


  • The browless frame provides an unmatched field of vision
  • Replacement lens available
  • Adjustable nose piece
  • Provides a clear view of upcoming road surface
  • Several frame options


  • Not for casual use
  • Not for every budget

What You Need To Know

These high-quality polarized sports sunglasses by Oakley are among the best out there.  While they do great at protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, the lightweight plastic frame and great field of view allow you to concentrate on your performance rather than getting distracted by glare and various road hazards.

10. SunCloud Aviator Polarized Sunglasses

Suncloud Aviator Polarized Metal...

Best Features:

  • Polycarbonate lens is lightweight and impact resistant
  • The aviator style is a timeless frame shape
  • The metal frame is lightweight and strong

Best For:

Anyone looking for classic design and full coverage from intense UV exposure.


Originally made for the U.S. Aviators in 1937, this classic style provides full coverage from the sun and its harmful UV rays.  What made the SunCloud stand out against other aviator polarized sunglasses was the lens quality, frame design, and other small, although very important, design details.

First up, the lenses.  While glass is considered by many to be the superior choice when it comes to clarity, glass lenses fall short when it comes to weight and its impact rating.  Made with polycarbonate, the SunCloud Aviator sunglasses are 20 times more impact resistant and significantly lighter when compared to glass. 

While the weight and safety of these lenses are unrivaled, the SunCloud frames are also top notch.  Made from a sturdy metal alloy frame, these sunglasses can withstand quite a lot of abuse before showing any signs of wear and tear. Furthermore, the hinges on the temples are spring-loaded which won’t bend or break easily. 

Rather than relying on rubber nose pads as is common in many of the cheap sunglass brands, the SunCloud relies on a silicon padding, which is much more grippy.  What does this mean for you?  When it’s the middle of August and sweat is dripping down your face, the sunglasses won’t start sliding down.  As we stated earlier, it’s a little detail, but one that will make you love rather than loathe these sunglasses.


  • Classic sunglasses that will look great for years
  • Perfect for people who want durability
  • Grip nose pads and temple tips won’t slip


  • Made for large faces

What You Need To Know

When it comes to the selecting a pair of classic sunglasses, aviators will be at the top of the list alongside wayfarers.  SunCloud gets a lot right in this offering.  The metal frame, silicone nose pads, and polycarbonate lenses work together to make for a compelling offering. To put it simply, these sunglasses feature best-in-class design and one that you will be happy with.

Other Polarized Sunglasses Reviewed

Mira Breeze Y Sunglasses

Polarized Sport Cycling Glasses Mira Breeze Y...

With full UV400 protection and mirror lenses, these offer crystal clear vision.  Backed by a lifetime warranty and including a case, the Mira Breeze Y Sunglasses are a great value pick.

REKS Optics Unbreakable Sling Blade Sunglasses

ST Black SLINGBLADE I Smoke Polarized Lens

With an unbreakable frame, the Reks Optics Sling Blade sunglasses are the ultimate tactical polarized sunglasses.  Able to eliminate sharp reflections thanks to strong polarization, they help to clearly see objects that might be coming towards your face.

Under Armour Igniter Polarized Sunglasses

Under Armour Igniter Sunglasses Oval, Black/Gray...

These ultralight and durable frames made from grilamid, the Under Armour Igniter Polarized Sunglasses fit comfortably and securely.  The gray polarized lenses provide great color contrast.

Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses

TOREGE Polarized Sports Sunglasses with 3...

Equipped with three interchangeable lenses (revo lens, polarized lens, and night vision lens), these sports sunglasses by Torege are great for all environments and seasons. Perfect for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, expect them to wear well on your face thanks to the rubber nosepad and temple tips.

Attcl Driving Polarized Sunglasses

ATTCL Men's Fashion Driving Polarized Sunglasses...

With mirrored lenses for highly sensitive eyes, these sunglasses by Attcl will be great at reducing eye strain when driving for prolonged periods.  In addition to driving, many people found these to be great for winter sports as well.

4 Must-Have Accessories For Your New Polarized Sunglasses

1. Case

Sunglasses Case,(3 Pack) RayLove Portable Travel...

Most sunglasses, even the cheap ones, come with cases. However, many manufacturer cases are flimsy and just a token of appreciation – they’re not always cases you actually want to keep your sunglasses in. A strong case offers better protection, particularly if you do a lot of traveling. A good case can also help you avoid scratches and breaks in daily use.

2. Microfiber Cloth & Eyeglass Spray

Glasses Cleaner Kit (Set of 2) Alcohol Free -...

Eyeglass spray and a microfiber cleaning cloth are essential for maintaining the visibility and cleanliness of your sunglasses. Microfiber cloths are important – use something else, and you may end up scratching or damaging your lens beyond repair. Avoid water to clean your lenses if at all possible, because water contains mineral deposits that could hamper visibility.

3. Strap / Retainer

KSACLE Premium Sunglass Strap - Adjustable No Tail...

A strap certainly doesn’t function for style, but it’s useful during activities where your sunglasses might fall off.

Straps generally have a small loop on each side to attach to the arms of your sunglasses and keep them secure while you’re playing sports or doing some other form of activity. They can help to keep them from getting lost, especially if you’re at a theme park, fishing, jogging, or doing something where there’s a risk of them falling off.

4. Sunscreen

Jack Black , Oil-Free Sun Guard SPF 45 Sunscreen,...

Sunscreen is probably the biggest miss on most men’s grooming regimens. It’s extremely important, yet often gets overlooked. If you’re wearing sunglasses, you’re likely wearing them outdoors, which means you’ll need to make sure you have sunscreen on as well.

Wearing sunscreen prevents awkward tan lines around your eyes after wearing sunglasses, and a minimum of 15 SPF is necessary no matter the season, even if it’s cloudy out. We’ve put together an article on our favorite men’s sunscreens if you’re not sure what to purchase.

Polarized Sunglasses FAQs

What is the difference between polarized and non-polarized sunglasses?

There is a major difference between polarized and non-polarized sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses have a special filter in the glass (cheap brands apply the coat to the lens) that blocks the horizontal light but lets the vertical light pass through. It’s through this unique filtering system that LCD screens such as those found in GPS units, digital cameras, and even older phone screens are unable to be seen when looking through polarized sunglasses.

Normal sunglasses don’t have this horizontal blocking filter, and instead just rely on a single layer of tint.

What are the best polarized sunglasses?

It all depends on your intent. If you’re playing a lot of sports or doing outdoor activities, Costa Del Mar makes some great options. However, if you’re looking for something more stylish and modern, other brands like Ray-Ban should be able to suit your needs.

Are polarized sunglasses bad for your eyes?

They are not. In fact, polarized sunglasses can be great for your eyes by blocking out the sun’s glare and helping you to see better.

How can you tell if sunglasses are UV protected?

Put your suspect polarized sunglasses on, look at a digital screen, and then turn your head sideways. If the picture on the screen becomes black, or really hard to view, then you have polarized sunglasses.

Are polarized lenses worth it?

Polarized lenses are worth the price. The reduction in glare reduces eye fatigue and offers better protection for your eyes.

What color of polarized lens is best?

The color of the lens depends on intent. For general use, a charcoal or brown tint is recommended. However, if you are going golfing, cycling, sight fishing, etc., then you will want to go with a lens color suited for that activity. We recommend checking the company website or product description for suggested uses.

What should I look for when buying sunglasses?

When buying sunglasses you want to look at all the features and see how they compare to the other options available. At the start of this guide we shared with you several key factors to consider when buying polarized sunglasses.

Are polarized sunglasses ideal for driving cars?

Polarized sunglasses are recommended for driving. Polarized sunglasses reduce glare and allow you to see the road better. They are particularly useful if you live in a bright and sunny climate.

Polarized Sunglasses vs. The Alternatives

Polarized Sunglasses

We’ve covered this extensively, but polarized sunglasses are sunglasses that have been treated to block out glare and increase contrast. They have a wide variety of uses, and are generally a little bit more expensive than regular sunglasses.

Non-Polarized / Regular Sunglasses

Sunglasses are pretty straightforward, and if you’ve read this article you no doubt already know what they are. The main difference between polarized and non-polarized sunglasses is that non-polarized sunglasses do not do as good of a job at reducing glare from the sun.

Mirrored Sunglasses

Mirrored sunglasses include a coating on the outward-facing side of the lens that acts as a small mirror, much like you see on many snowboarding googles. This is a common feature with many polarized sunglasses.

Our Criteria for Choosing the Best Polarized Sunglasses

When selecting the polarized sunglasses that are featured on this list, we considered a wide variety of features. As always, we aimed to include a diverse list of polarized sunglasses that had something for everyone.

Above, you’ll find a comprehensive list of the best polarized sunglasses for men – when it comes down to your personal choice, your intended use for your sunglasses will determine which option works best for you.


Best sunglasses for men and women, according to experts

Experts agree everyone should wear sunglasses outside. Here's how to find the right pair for you, from face mask-compatible options to stylish models.
Men wearing bike helmet and sports sunglasses and woman wearing sunglasses on beach eating watermelon popsicle. These are the best men's sunglasses and women's sunglasses in 2020, including polarized sunglasses and more from Ray-Ban, Oakley, Adidas and mo
The sunglasses industry hit an all-time high market value of $147 billion in 2020. We consulted doctors and experts on how to buy the best sunglasses for you, as well as which are the best sunglasses to consider buying right now.Getty Images

Our editors independently selected these items because we think you will enjoy them and might like them at these prices. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time. Learn more about Shop TODAY.

As lockdown restrictions loosen, one of the quickest ways to return to some semblance of normalcy is to spend more time outdoors. While the blazing sun might feel comforting on our skin after being cooped up for so long, it’s not doing any favors for our eye health, according to the journal Clinical Ophthalmology. Luckily, Michelle Andreoli, MD, a clinical spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) and comprehensive ophthalmologist at Wheaton Eye Clinic in Illinois, explained that “over time, the general public has become more aware of the dangers associated with sun and ultraviolet (UV) exposure. With this, more people are wearing sunglasses and sunblock as protection.”

SKIP AHEAD Best Women's Sunglasses | Best Men's Sunglasses

The numbers show that folks are, in fact, incorporating sunglasses into their accessory arsenal more than ever: The sunglasses industry hit an all-time high market value of $147 billion this year, and Grand View Research expects that number to rise by a compound annual growth rate of eight percent until 2027. The report identified several factors contributing to the boom of sunglasses: E-commerce stores are making it easier than ever to try on styles before you buy using online imaging tools. Stiff competition forces brands to continuously innovate their eyewear technology (think: transitional lenses and sustainable materials). And consumers are increasingly viewing eyewear as a style essential. Does that mean sunglasses are necessary? Experts unequivocally say yes. “All people should be wearing sunglasses any time they are outside, even if the day is overcast or cloudy,” said Andreoli, explaining that sunglasses decrease the damage caused to the eye by the sun and the sun’s UV rays.

Thankfully, wearing sunglasses can keep you safe while looking stylish. According to Ashley Brissette, MD, also a clinical spokesperson for the AAO, cornea specialist and assistant professor of ophthalmology at Weill Cornell Medicine, some of the most flattering styles for a woman’s face are considered cat eye, rounded and aviator. However, she notes, style guidance is really genderless and ultimately relies on your preferences and tastes.

“Typically, women's glasses have been larger squares and men's are more of a wrap-around, action figure shape,” she said, noting that this binary is slowly fading as sunglasses companies begin updating their styles to reflect the modern sartorial reality. “There are a lot of options that look equally good on women or men,” she said. “It depends more on your face shape and what you'll use them for.”

Why you should buy sunglasses

On top of the aforementioned reasons causing an increased popularity for sunglasses, there are some specific reasons to consider sporting a pair regularly.

Help prevent cancer and disease. Brissette said long-term exposure to UV radiation in sunlight is linked to cancers of the eye — either on the eyelid, around the eye or on the eyeball itself — as well as other conditions like cataracts, macular degeneration and a painful sunburn around the eyes called photokeratitis.

Reduce squinting and protect sensitive eyes. Our eyes' natural defense against bright rays is to squint. According to Brissette, squinting itself isn’t harmful but it can cause tension or fatigue around the eyes, as well as potentially trigger a headache or migraine around the eye region. She also notes that those with lighter-colored eyes tend to experience more sensitivity so they will especially benefit from sunglasses or tinted lenses. Sun exposure and prolonged squinting can lead to wrinkles in the skin around the eyes, she explained, “so [it’s] another good reason to wear sunglasses.”

How to shop for sunglasses

If you’re looking to invest in a new pair of shades or have been meaning to upgrade yours, there are some essentials to keep in mind so you buy the perfect sunglasses for you.

Identify the right UV protection. The most important factor to consider is the UV protection level of the lens.

  • Brissette said to look for 100-percent UV on all lenses.
  • Some labels claim UV absorption up to 400nm, which is equivalent to 100-percent UV protection.

Nicole Ryan, the sunglasses buyer at REI, said most premium sunglasses brands (as opposed to value brands) likes Ray Ban, Maui Jim and Oakley offer UVA, UVB and UVC protection. Largely speaking, here’s how each UV protection type works for you:

  • UVA protection helps reduce the signs of aging
  • UVB protection helps stave off burning
  • UVC protection helps protect against cancer

Look for the perfect fit. When trying to find a perfect frame, Andreoli said to consider how heavy a frame feels on your face, how the frame fits against your temples and over your ears, how the area around the nose fits and whether it is large enough to easily fit a bifocal, a thicker style of lens often used for vision correction and treating certain eye conditions.

With sunglasses, bigger is better. Smaller ‘90s-style frames might be en vogue right now, but they aren’t ideal from a safety perspective. The more of your skin’s surface area your lens is able to protect, the more you’ll reduce your risk of skin cancer and other forms of damage, according to Brissette. The same idea applies to wraparound lenses that protect your peripheral vision — Brissette said they help cut down or prevent the UV rays from entering the side of your eye. And right now, sunglasses that cover more of your eyes could help reduce droplets — like those associated with coronavirus — from reaching your eyeballs, one reason behind the increasing popularity of face shields.

Look for the right lens. Jet black lenses on jet black frames might look like a trendy way of hiding from the paparazzi, but they aren’t ideal for every activity, according to Brissette. “Specific tinted lenses can be better for sports,” she said. “For example, amber, green or gray lenses increase contrast, which may be useful for athletes who play sports such as baseball or golf, where you need the UV protection but can help improve contrast for following the ball.”

For super sunny days, you’ll also want to look for a dark or more opaque-looking lens. On less sunny or overcast days, a mid-tint lens will work just fine. Ryan said many budget sunglasses just “dim the lights” and make everything darker, whereas a higher end brand enhances the colors and details your eye sees naturally.

For certain occasions, Andreoli also suggests considering polarized lenses, which reduce glare coming off reflective surfaces like water or pavement. She notes that they do not offer more protection from the sun, but can make activities like driving or being on the water safer or more enjoyable.

Consider the activity. Ryan said if you lead a more active lifestyle, you’ll want to look for lightweight nylon frames that offer comfort and flexibility.

  • For instance, if you’re a runner, you’d want something like a rimless style that’s lightweight and will stay in place.
  • If fishing is more your thing, Ryan said you’d need broader coverage to protect against the large amounts of glare and reflected light from the water.

“A wrap frame for full coverage would be ideal, while the lenses should be polarized glass for glare elimination and the clearest optics,” she said.

Choose what you like. Frame selection is part science and part art. “Most glasses frame shapes vary in color selection as well as size. There is no clear advantage to one material over another in an adult,” Andreoli said. “Most importantly, someone should love the way the glasses look, because they will likely be worn every day.”

Best sunglasses to shop in 2020

To help guide your shopping for a new pair of sunglasses, we’ve rounded up the best expert-approved sunglasses suited for a range of activities, budgets, and tastes — and they all offer 100-percent UV protection.

Best women’s sunglasses

Whether you’re dipping your toes into the lake, hitting the pavement or staying put, here are some of the best sunglasses out now from brands like Ray-Ban, Maui Jim and more.

Best everyday women’s sunglasses: Sunski Dipsea

1. ​Sunski Dipsea Polarized Sunglasses

These sunglasses from Sunski Dipsea feature a classic round shape that Ryan said works on so many different face types. “They're super lightweight, and offer good coverage without dominating your face,” she said, adding that the brand turns scrap plastic into recycled frames, keeping more waste out of landfills.

Best women’s sunglasses to wear with face masks: Maui Jim

2. Maui Jim Baby Beach Polarized Sunglasses

Ryan considers these “modified aviators perfect for petite faces,” making them also ideal to wear with face masks. She notes they’re made of durable pure titanium that’s easy to clean and renders them scratch- and shatter-resistant, as well. The highly-rated sunglasses offer HEV (high-energy visible light) protection.

Best oversized women’s sunglasses: Ray-Ban

3. Ray-Ban Erika Classic

Ray-Ban glasses are usually celebrated for their iconic aviator style, but Ryan recommends this alternative because its “oversized, round lenses are flattering in a classic style that blocks 100 percent of harmful UV rays.” While they do come in nine colorways, you’re able to customize your frames to your liking for an added fee, be it the addition of a mirrored lens or a temple tip change.

Best women’s designer sunglasses: Maui Jim

4. Maui Jim Olu Olu Polarized Sunglasses

Because Ryan said these sunglasses contain embedded nose pads, a lightweight nylon frame and spring hinges, they’re likely to stay put on your nose no matter how rigorous the activity. “[It’s a] classic cat eye shape that’s a great fit for many face shapes,” she said.

Best sustainable women’s sunglasses : Zeal Bennet

5. Zeal Bennet Polarized Sunglasses

Ryan describes these highly-rated slight cat eye frames as a great choice “from street to summit” since they boast impact-resistant lenses and frames from plant-based materials, as well as polarized lenses to reduce glare on the sunniest days. A rubber padding on the nose ensures they stay put. Great for your eye health and the planet, Zeal will plant a tree in national forests for every pair of sunglasses purchased.

Best women’s sunglasses for sensitive eyes: Toroe Eyewear

6. Toroe 'Range' Polarized Category 4 Sunglasses

Brissette said that, generally, those with lighter colored eyes are prone to experiencing more sensitivity to light. In that (glasses) case, you’d want darker-tinted glasses to offset the discomfort, she said, like an ultra-dark pair from Toroe Eyewear (they’re also water-, scratch- and shatter-resistant). In certain jurisdictions like the EU and Australia, they are classified as Category 4 lenses, which provide protection against sources of major sun glare.

Best women’s sunglasses for driving: Le Specs

7. Neptune Bright Gold Polarized Sunglasses

When you’re driving, you don’t want any funky tinted lenses that could potentially tamper with your perception of the road, and as a result, your safety. Our experts say neutral-hued polarized lenses (like these from Le Specs) can help keep you focused on what’s ahead while enhancing colors and objects your eyes naturally see—minimal glare included.

Best women’s prescription glasses: Zenni Square

8. Zenni Square Magnetic Snap-on Set

Brissette said you should be wearing sunglasses every day you go outside, so convenience is key in helping you reach that goal. While two-in-one shampoo and conditioner might not be the most high-fashion way to go about convenience, this Zenni prescription eyeglass set with clip-on sunglasses lenses certainly fits the bill. A trendy acetate lens surrounds gradient lenses, all bound together by a metal brow bar sunshade for increased protection and comfort.

Best affordable women’s sunglasses: Goodr

9. Goodr OG Sunglasses

Ryan loves this pair for its classic shape, performance and bold color and style. “They’re affordable and easy, all while being carbon neutral,” she said, recommending them for everything from the road to the trail to a trip to the taco truck. With product names like Sweater Vest For Your Face, Flamingos on a Booze Cruise and Tiger Blood Transfusion, you’ll have as much fun picking out your preferred style as you will wearing them.

Best women’s sunglasses for overcast days: Burberry

10. Burberry Oversized Square Logo Sunglasses

Let’s (literally) face it: Not many of us remember to apply sunscreen on cloudy days. Pop on a pair of these oversized Burberry sunglasses with a light lilac gradient tint (that our experts say is helpful on cloudy days), and you’ll benefit from extra protection at your cheekbone and temple from its chunky — and stylish — arms hugging your face.

Best women’s sunglasses for running: HULISLEM

11. HULISLEM S1 Sport Polarized Sunglasses

Running is challenging enough — don’t let your sunnies weigh you down. Swap your everyday pair for this feather-light, semi-rimless pair made with polycarbonate lenses. “Glass lenses are super clear, but tend to be heavy. High-quality polycarbonate lenses can offer excellent clarity and save weight,” Ryan explained.

Best men’s sunglasses

Our top expert-approved men’s sunglasses offer all the protection you need to help you enjoy your favorite outdoor activities.

Best men’s aviator sunglasses: Ray-Ban

12. Ray-Ban Aviator Classic Polarized Sunglasses

Ryan recommends these “classic, cool and iconic” sunglasses that were originally designed for US Aviators in 1937. Available in 13 colors, the Ray-Ban Aviator Classic Polarized sunglasses also block out harmful blue light while reducing glare and eye strain.

Best men’s sunglasses for skiing: Oakley

13. Oakley Targetline Sunglasses

These Oakley sunglasses are designed to pair well with a hat so your skiing tuque and helmet shouldn’t get in the way of the optimal, vivid-hued vision these sunglasses provide. The brand’s proprietary Prizm Lens technology promises to reduce glare and provide color contrast, which experts say can help optimize visibility and increase safety, be it on the slopes, the putting green or the pitcher’s mound.

Best men’s sunglasses for swimming: Adidas

14. Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim Pro L Sunglasses

Swimming is a double threat when it comes to sun exposure: You have UV rays directly above you while the water reflects glaring light back into your eyes. A solid pair of wraparound glasses like the Evil Eye Halfrim Pro Ls by Adidas are designed to provide all-around protection, according to Brissette. A built-in sweat blocker band will also keep sweat — and pool or ocean water — out of your eyes.

Best men’s affordable sunglasses: Warby Parker

15. Warby Parker Perkins Burnt Honeycomb Tortoise Sunglasses

Warby Parker just happens to have a stellar reputation in the eyewear market, and their affordable price is just a bonus. “The label or cost doesn’t matter,” said Brissette. “What matters is that they offer 100-percent UV protection.” This pair protects you from harmful rays, and features scratch-resistant lenses. If you’re unsure of your size, the brand will allow you to try on both the medium and wide models.

Best men’s prescription sunglasses: Zenni Optical

16. Zenni Premium Square Sunglasses

Buying prescription sunglasses from Zenni is a total breeze because each pair comes with your choice of basic prescription. These Premium Square Sunglasses meet our experts’ criteria for a solid pair in other ways, too: a gradient dark gray tint will keep you from squinting on sunny days and a lightweight frame and nose pad will give you that barely-there feeling.

Best men’s sunglasses to wear with a mask: Blupond

17. Blupond Sports Anti-Fog Polarized Sports Sunglasses

With Blupond, you can wear your mask freely without constantly removing your lenses to wipe them off. The smaller frame will stay out of your mask’s way, and the anti-fog coating will enhance your visibility. These sunglasses might also help reduce the onset of headaches or migraines, a feature Brissette attributes to eye strain and squinting given their semi-polarized lenses that reduce glare and their tint to eliminate distortion.

Best men’s sunglasses for running: Nike

18. Nike Windshield Elite Mirrored Sunglasses

“If you’re a runner, you’d likely want the lightest weight possible that also has good grip to stay in place,” said Ryan. With wraparound frames to block sunlight from entering your eye at all angles, these expert-approved sunnies should help keep you safe during long runs. Built-in lens frame openings and floating nose pads promote ventilation while your choice of six tinted lens varieties increases vision clarity.