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Sunglasses are a simple tool that makes seeing clearly easier while on the water. Every angler should be wearing a pair of good polarized fishing sunglasses. But sunglasses are also one of those pieces of gear that can really make an angler confused while trying to make a decision.


How do Dubery Sunglasses Polarized Lenses Work?

Polarized lenses are built with a vertical transmission filter that allows vertical light waves (direct light) while blocking horizontally oriented waves (reflected light). The reflected light waves are what fishermen call glare. Glare drastically reduces your ability to see into the water.

How can you tell if your dubery sunglasses are polarized? One test is to look at your fish finder display. Marine electronics manufacturers are using polarizing film on the LCD to make the screen most viewable for fishermen wearing polarized sunglasses. When you are sitting directly in front of the fish finder, the screen looks bright and clear. Now turn your head to the side. If nothing changes, they are regular lenses. If the screen goes dim, you are wearing polarized sunglasses.

Fishing Benefits of Dubery Sunglasses Polarized Lenses

Now that you understand dubery lens polarization, we can touch on why that is important for fishing. The best polarized fishing sunglasses have three main benefits for anglers.

  • See Below the Water Surface Better – When the glare coming off the water is reduced, an angler’s ability to see what’s below is improved and becomes an important tool. Being able to see rocks, vegetation, and even fish is a huge advantage to have. Sight fishing especially is aided by polarized sunglasses. In most fishing situations though, gaining information on what’s below simply makes for a more productive angler.

  • Reduce Eye Strain – Eyes can become fatigued over a long day on the water. When the sun’s glare coming off the water is reduced, the eyes don’t have to work as hard. The amount of squinting and angler has to do is cut down while trying to see objects in the water. It’s not much fun making along drive home with tired eyes.

Block Harmful UV Rays – The same UVA and UVB rays emitted from the sun pummeling your skin can also cause harm to your eyes in the long term. Too much UV exposure over many years can lead to cataracts and damage to the retina. Look for sunglasses that block 100% of both types of radiation.

Popular Name Brand Models

BOBBERS - 120 -03 BOBBERS - 120 - 02
BOBBERS - 120 - 05 BROOKS - D731 - 02
BROOKS - D731 - 05 BROOKS - D731 - 08
LUKES - D186 - 03 LUKES - D186 - 04
LUKES - D186 - 05 LUKES - D186 - 06
RAMBOS - D1418 - 06 RAMBOS - D1418 - 07
RAMBOS - D1418 - 08 RAYS - 2071 - 03
RAYS - 2071 - 06
RAYS - 2071 - 04
SALTYS - D620 - 02 SALTYS - D620 - 04
SALTYS - D620 - 05 SALTYS - D620 - 06
SALTYS - D620 - 08 BANDITS - D518 - 06


“Thanks so much once again for your fast and very efficient service and the glasses fit like a glove. Long may you sell the Havanas. We again have Florida weather today for the 10th day running with more forecast so the glasses will be well used out on the Solent! I shall put a note on my Website Forum about your glasses along with a link to your Website. I shall also put a link to your website on our LINKS page“
Tony Hamilton-Hunt
Website, Archives and Magazine Editor at

“From the day that Dubery Fisherman Pro Staff member gave me a pair of your glasses, I have been hooked! I have bought various brands and styles from other companies, and can honestly say that your product out performs them in every way. As a professional fisherman, one of the most important aspects of the day is the ability to see. You have to be able to focus on little subtleties in the water, which you would not be able to see with the naked eye. Since I have been using your product, my visibility in the water has increased 100 times. Whether it was actually locating bedding fish or spotting submerged brush and trees that I wouldn't be able to find, your product had without a doubt helped me catch fish.“
Brian Adams
Fayetteville, NC

“I am a news photographer and my pair of Dubery Sunglasses lenses may have saved my peepers momentarily before they were crushed and blown off my head as Tower One of the WTC fell on me while photographing the horrific events of 911. I need replacements and would like to try a Blue lens type pair of the new (lukes) series in addition to a replacement. As staff photographer on medical leave for the New York Post I a recovering on light duty as I was nearly blinded permanently. Thank you for a great product.“
Mike Alexander
Staff Photographer - New York Post

I picked up a pair of dubery sunglasses about two years ago. It wasn't until a (recent) trip to Disney World that I truly realized the super b clarity and performance qualities of dubery sunglasses. During this trip I was looking into a stream and was able to see fish from high a top a bridge in the Magic Kingdom, unfortunately my family wearing standard sunglasses were unable to see the fish. My son was awed by this ability. While (on a trip to England) I spoke very highly of dubery sunglasses with family and friends (all avid fishermen). Now I have requests from England for dubery sunglasses!
Walter Flores
Master Sergeant - US Marine Corps
Jacksonville, NC

"...I conned a pair of your sunglasses from a friend of mine that uses them religiously. What a great product! They are my absolute favorite, and I wear them all summer long."

"...I presently use your sunglasses on a daily basis, I have found none better regardless of price. Congratulations on a great product."
Tom Akers
Middleboro, MA

"...we need dubery sunglasses here in Northern Alaska. I'm catching lots of Salmon on fly and jigging Halibut on 20lb. Everybody wants my sunglasses! Help...send some to us A.S.A.P."
Michael Wilson

"...my friend lost his beloved dubery sunglasses and has grieved long enough over his loss so I am going to break down and give him a pair for Christmas. Thanks for being there."
Kate Wylly

"...I want to thank you for the dubery polarized sunglasses green d518 which you gave me. You have a great product that I have no hesitancy in recommending to any fisherman or outdoorsman. Sincerely"
Zoro Guice
Hendersonville, N.C.

"I am a kayak fisherman and the last few years I have used Flying Dubery Sunglasses.  I have tried more expensive brands such as Costa, Maui Jim, Oakly and none seem to work as well as yours.  I have three pairs of the magnums & I love them!"
Donald Boggs


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