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Double warmth. Double happiness.

"We created UT2s with the idea that if you need to share your warmth with your friends, family, and pals during the cold winter months, then UT2s can help."

---By OCOOPA R&D Team 


  • One Choice, Two rushes of Warmth - Split type magnetic design rechargeable USB hand warmers. Hand warmer designed with 270° for heating, and 90° for magnetic absorption. They also can be combined into one, 360° heating, warm all day.
  • Two 5,000 mAh batteries - Each piece of MagTwins is armed with a 5000mAh rechargeable battery, it can produce a massive heat output run time of 8+ hours on low, or charge your phone up to 1.5+ times at full capacity.
  • Three seconds Heating - Quick Heat release. One Simple Button. 20% power density increased, MagTwins produces massive heat in seconds. Super durable, smooth, high-grade brushed aluminum housing promotes heat retention and even heat distribution.
  • Four-level Temperatures Adjustable - MagTwins offers 4 levels of heating temperatures from cozy warmth to 145℉ hot. Choose your most comfortable heat. We simplify your operation by memorizing the heating level you chose last time and turning to the level for the next time.

 Reduce to create waste. Save on buying disposable hand warmers Again and Again.
Continue to use your hand warmer even in summer! Because it can also charge your devices as a power bank. Use all the energy in the batteries.
We believe in the power of recycling. We're proud to work alongside Call2Recycle to encourage our consumers to recycle batteries. We're all making a real difference to help the planet in a lot of little ways that add up to a big impact.


  • Brand: OCOOPA
  • Manufacturer: ‎Shenzhen Street Cat Technology Co., Ltd
  • Model: UT2s
  • Material: Aluminum, ABS
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Battery Capacity 5000mAh*2
  • Dimension(cm): 9.4*3.1*2.9
  • Weight: 225g(112.5g*2)
  • Using Time: 16H(8 hours*2)
  • Input Port: 5V2A
  • Output: 5V2A
  • Adjustable heating levels: 4

Package Includes:

  • 2 X Ocoopa Union Twins 2s
  • 2 X USB-A to USB-C cable
  • 1 X Portable pouch
  • 1 X User manual

UT2s User Manual

Check Or Download UT2s Here: UT2s User Manual

4 levels of heating up to 145℉

Choose the heating level that's most comfortable for you. MagTwins offers 4 levels of heating, from 104℉ to 145℉, to meet your needs in all conditions. The heater will remember the level you last chose, so you can easily turn on the same heat again.

Separated. Keep Both HandsToasty

MagTwins is composed of two identical hand warmers that can be attached together using built-in magnets.

You'll have 2 stylish hand warmers after separating them. Perfect for sharing with family members or slipping into your pockets, holding one in each hand.

Snap-on. Massive Heat in SleekBody.

You’ll have a sleek and compact hand warmer that produces massive heat after attaching them together. The strong magnets keep the two hand warmers together, so you don't have to worry about them coming apart while you're on the go.

360-degree quick warming experience

Within 20% power density increased, MagTwins can produce massive heat in 3 seconds. And it's super durable, smooth, uni-body high-grade brushed aluminum housing promotes heat retention and even heat distribution. This provides a 360-degree warming experience.

Ocoopa Union 5s: The World’s First Modular Rechargeable Hand Warmer
Ocoopa, the leading brand of rechargeable hand warmer
Ocoopa - Loved by 1 Million+ users
Select the color you like - Ocoopa Union 5s
Ocoopa Union 5s 2 color options


Introducing Ocoopa Union 5s

Introducing Ocoopa Union 5s, a modular rechargeable hand warmer unlike any others on the market. It’s powered by a replaceable and rechargeable battery core, Union Core, that enables you to refill your hand warmer for another 15 hours of use. Union Core can also be used as a 10,000mAh portable charger even without the heating housing, Union Case. We provide many selectable Union Case, which enables you to match it with your mood and different occasions as you like. And it may not only be a heating case. There will be more possible designs in the future.

Ocoopa Union 5s - Swap, Warm, Go

Many people have ever used hand warmers. Traditional hand warmers are made with chemicals. One popular kind is disposable hand warmers. When you squeeze the packet, the chemicals mix, and a chemical reaction occurs that generates heat. You can not adjust the temperature. It depends on the intensity of the chemical reaction. When the reaction ends, the hand warmer will no longer be warm, and you have to throw it away. Needless to say, this is wasteful. And if you’re using hand warmers every day, they can get costly over the long run. The cost of about 60 disposable hand warmers can get you an Ocoopa rechargeable hand warmer, which can be reused hundreds or even thousands of times, and enables you to adjust the temperature. It not only helps you to save money but also reduces waste generation.

Ocoopa Union 5s - solve pain points

The design concept of Ocoopa Union 5s fully reflects our adherence to the concept of 3Rs of recycling, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. At Ocoopa, we stand up for what we believe in by striving to make a positive impact while delivering innovative products and services. Ocoopa joined the Battery Stewardship & Recycling Program of Call2Recycle, which fulfills regulatory obligations and offers an environmentally responsible way to manage batteries at end-of-life in the US and Canada. You can call 1-800-822-8837 or visit www. call2recycle.org to find a proper way to dispose of your end-of-life Ocoopa Union Core. Then, you can purchase a new Union Core and bring your Union 5s to come back to life.

Ocoopa Union 5s Service and Guaranty
Ocoopa Union 5s - Meet The Revolutionary Hand-warming Solution
Ocoopa Union 5s - 1 Charge,  All Day Warmth.

Ocoopa Union 5s are packed with an incredibly large 10000mAh battery cell 21700 which has a 20% increase in energy density, and minimal increases in weight. It can provide up to 15 hours of heat. Accompany you all day long.

Ocoopa Union 5s - 1 Charge,  All Day Warmth.
Ocoopa Union 5s - Refill with a full battery in 3 seconds

It features a detachable and rechargeable battery core, Union core, that enables you to refill your hand warmer for another 15 hours of use anywhere and anytime outdoors. Enjoy uninterrupted warmth and always be ready for any adventure.

Ocoopa Union 5s - Refill with a full battery in 3 seconds
Ocoopa Union 5s - Essential Device for Every Season

It’s the size of a credit card and weighs the same as an iPhone 13 Pro Max. It’s the perfect partner whenever, and wherever you need warmth. If rechargeable hand warmers are just winter necessities in your mind, Ocoopa Union 5s will subvert your mind. It can be used all year round. When winter passes and spring comes, you can take off the heat-generating case and use Union core as a portable charger. Remarkably compact but powerful. Provides 2.3 charges for iPhone 13 and 1.8 charges for Galaxy S21. It’s the perfect companion for your year-round outings, and it’s definitely worth every penny you spend.

Ocoopa Union 5s - Essential Device for Every Season
Ocoopa Union 5s - Interchangeable Union Cases Tailored to You

Find a match for your mood or your outfits. Enjoy the warmth tailored to you. Sleek but non-slip finish, unibody & ergonomic design for comfort and firm grip.

Ocoopa Union 5s - Interchangeable Union Cases Tailored to You
Ocoopa Union 5s - 3-second Quick Heat

Ocoopa Union 5s will deliver comfortable warmth to you in a flash. Moreover, the temperature memory function allows you to enjoy just the right warmth as soon as you turn on the device.

Ocoopa Union 5s - 3-second Quick Heat
Ocoopa Union 5s - 4 Heating Levels Adjustable

Ocoopa’s new intelligent and precise temperature control technology provides you with 4-level adjustable heat enhancing the hand-warming experience. No more compromise, find the comfortable warmth. 

Ocoopa Union 5s - 4 Heating Levels Adjustable
Ocoopa Union 5s - 360° Surround Heating

360° heating surface warms up in seconds. Spread the ideal warmth from your palm to your fingertips. No longer let any part of your hand be forgotten by warmth. It’s a MUST HAVE to spend a cold winter, especially for Raynaud’s arthritis sufferers for heat therapy needs.

Ocoopa Union 5s - 360° Surround Heating
Ocoopa Union 5s - Secure & Stable Connection

Connected through Amass Battery Connector for RC aircraft, you can assemble them effortlessly in 1 second, without worrying about connection stability and security.

Ocoopa Union 5s - Secure & Stable Connection
Ocoopa Union 5s - Comprehensive Safety Protection

The comprehensive safety protection comes with advanced safety features like PC+ Aerospace-grade ABS Plastics and Aluminum alloy Durable housing, MCU+NTC precise temperature control, 21700 Battery Cell (Same as Tesla’s), overload and overheating protection, which is safer and more secure, not only to protect your security, but also the security of your linked devices. Bring you worry-free comfort.

Ocoopa Union 5s - Comprehensive Safety Protection
Ocoopa Union 5s - Best Christmas Gift Choice

For tech-lover, sports, or outdoor enthusiasts and winter commuters, this rechargeable hand warmer makes the perfect gift for the cold weather season. Bring the warmth from the fingertip to their heart.

Ocoopa Union 5s - Best Christmas Gift Choice
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Ocoopa Union 5s - What’s in the box
Ocoopa Union 5s Product Information
Ocoopa Union 5s Product Information





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