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Sunglasses For Men



Dubery Sunglasses - Official Website - Dubery Sunglasses Review

Dubery Sunglasses - Official Website - Dubery Sunglasses Review

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Dubery Sunglasses Australia |

Dubery Sunglasses D518 



Dubery Sunglasses Australia |

Dubery Sunglasses D918

Dubery Sunglasses Australia |


Dubery Sunglasses D120

Dubery Sunglasses Australia |


Dubery Sunglasses D186

Dubery Sunglasses Australia |

Dubery Sunglasses D620

Dubery Sunglasses Australia |


Dubery Sunglasses Australia | 

Dubery Sunglasses D2071

Dubery Sunglasses Australia |

Dubery Sunglasses D911

Dubery Sunglasses Australia |



Dubery Sunglasses D1418

Dubery Sunglasses Australia |



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Dubery Sunglasses 

All Dubery Sunglasses offers interesting product design with the average price for

Dubery Sunglasses Website

Dubery Sunglasses 

All Dubery Sunglasses offers interesting product design with the average price for people who shop for affordable sunglasses with polarized lenses.  In this article, we will help you distinguish and to know which are fake ones.  Additionally, we gathered a list of the best seller polarized sunglasses from Dubery.  In addition, highlighting the average price and reviews from customers.


Dubery Sunglasses Reviews

To begin our review, let us talk about a brief history of the company.  It started with a collaboration between a Nascar Racer and a Pro Fisherman.  Their dream of launching Dubery Sunglasses was brought to life as they decided to convert common experience in building an online store to a shop of their own  Their ultimate goal is to establish a shop that is convenient to use.  As well as making it easy to buy products for which items that their customers might be interested in.


Dubery Sunglasses Website

Just imagine polarized lenses as some tools that would help fine-tune your vision, while you're wearing a pair of fashionable sunglasses.  This is precisely what the owners of Dubery Sunglasses company offer in the greater market.  Eyewear can be useful for an athlete, outdoorsman, or even anyone who may find themselves in high-glare situations.  


Who Makes Dubery Polarized Sunglasses?

The team is composed of a group from Charlotte North Carolina whose names remain anonymous to the public.  One paved the way for the idea who then decided to convert their common experience for sunglasses into a web store   They started offering Dubery Sunglasses products which are all polarized into the local market.  Consequently, as the demand increases, they decided to make dubery sunglasses available for worldwide delivers.


Selection For Dubery Sunglasses and Eyewear

There are a few best seller products from Dubery Sunglasses based on their popularity and sales.  Each design is mainly used for purpose to block harmful lights and sun UV rays that would usually pass through the eyes.  Wherein the glares are a burden for our sight after reflecting off surfaces.  All Dubery Sunglasses models for both men and women come in various styles such as the following.

Classic Dubery Sunglasses

Each pair of Dubery Sunglasses is typically equiped with UV400 lenses. For those who woud like to improve eye comfort and safety further, Dubery Sunglasses also has a lot of polarized sunglasses available.  Wearing a pair can help you take in a view without even squinting.


Dubery Sunglasses - Official Website -

Rider Sunglasses For Bikers

The lightweight and extended lens designs are conceptualized for cyclist and bikers. It is built for long road trips for riders because based on customers feedback it has a weightless pressure nose pads.  Additionally, the temple arms are flexible which could fit all face shape and sizes.

Dubery Sunglasses - Official Website -


Night Driving Sunglasses

If you are having difficulty driving at night.  Try this night vision glasses to balance the brightness and protection from excessive light at night.  This is quite popular for night drivers who are having difficulty with headlight glare and halos which could lead to accidents.

Dubery Sunglasses - Official Website -

Fishing Sunglasses

Outdoor enthusiasts will love Dubery's Polarized Fishing Sunglasses.  As they now have the green lenses with are popular with various outdoor activities.  Especially helpful when the sun is high and dry.  Other lens colors are as available together with the semi-transparent frame.

Dubery Sunglasses - Official Website - DuberyOptics.comDubery Sunglasses - Official Website -



Dubery Sunglasses D518

Dubery Sunglasses D518


  • Brand Name: DUBERY
  • Gender: MEN
  • Style: SQUARE
  • Department Name: Adult
  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • Lenses Optical Attribute: Anti-Reflective
  • Lenses Optical Attribute: Mirror
  • Lenses Optical Attribute: Polarized
  • Lenses Optical Attribute: UV400
  • Eyewear Type: Sunglasses
  • Lens Height: 47mm
  • Lenses Material: Polaroid
  • Model Number: D518
  • Item Type: Eyewear
  • Lens Width: 61mm



Dubery Sunglasses D620

Dubery Sunglasses D620


  • Brand Name: DUBERY
  • Gender: WOMEN
  • Style: Goggle
  • Department Name: Adult
  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • Lenses Optical Attribute: Polarized
  • Lenses Optical Attribute: Mirror
  • Lenses Optical Attribute: Anti-Reflective
  • Lenses Optical Attribute: UV400
  • Lens Height: 42mm
  • Lenses Material: Polaroid
  • Model Number: W-DUBERY-620
  • Lens Width: 70mm
  • Gender: Men Women Unisex
  • Total Length: 153mm
  • Leg Length: 125mm
  • Nose Width: 16mm
  • Suitable For Face: Round Face, Long Face, Square Face, Oval Face
  • Usage Scope1: Riding, Running, Baseball, Badminton, Mountaineering, Swimming
  • Usage Scope2: Rowing, Sailing, Skiing, Camping, Outdoors, Driving
  • Usage Scope3: Fishing, Partying, Fashion Show, Sport, Leisure
  • Color: 8 Colors


DUBERY Vintage Polarized Sunglasses for Men Women Retro Square Sun Glasses D518

Dubery Sunglasses Vintage polarized Sunglasses D518 - Dubery Optics

  • DUBERY Vintage Polarized Sunglasses for Men Women Retro Square Sun Glasses D518

  • Dubery Sunglasses Size Chart
  • DIMENSION - Dubery Sunglasses Lens Width: 56mm(2.20 inches); Dubery Sunglasses Lens Height: 47mm(1.85 inches); Dubery Sunglasses Temple Length: 138mm(5.43 inches); Dubery Sunglasses Nose Bridge: 19mm(0.75 inches); Dubery Sunglasses Frame Length: 139mm(5.47 inches)
  • DUBERY SUNGLASSES HD POLARIZED & UV PROTECTION LENS - DUBERY unisex sunglasses are coated with 100% UV400 protection, Dubery Sunglasses can block 100% harmful UV Rays. Dubery Sunglasses Polarized lenses can reduce glare, eliminate reflected light and scattered light, restore true color, and protect your eyes perfectly.
  • DUBERY SUNGLASSES CLASSIC & FASHION DESIGN - Designed with classic rectangle lenses, fresh new frame colors, stunning colored lenses and frame finish to really give it that extra edge. Dubery vintage polarized sunglasses has various colors can easily follow your daily collocation. Add some edge to your style with these durable and unmistakable dubery sunglasses.
  • PERFECT DETAILS - These DUBERY vintage sunglasses is made from high quality pc frame, composite UV400 lens, integral nose pads, reinforced metal hinges, all the details make it more comfortable and durable.
  • SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE - All DUBERY customers enjoy our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Customers can return and get refunded in case the purchasing is not satisfactory for any reason.You have no risk to try.


DUBERY D518 sunglasses may just be one of the coolest looks in the DUBERY collection. Designed with slightly larger rectangle lenses, fresh new frame colors, stunning colored lenses and frame finish to really give it that extra edge. Add some edge to your style with these durable and unmistakable sunglasses.

Dubery Vintage Polarized Sunglasses


  • Dubery timeless classic design fused with modern fashion elements, perfect for those who seek equal parts performance and style.
  • Dubery has various colors meet your personalized demand, hope they can bring you a colorful mood.
  • Dubery Sunglasses are durability and all-day comfort of lightweight frame material. 

Dubery Vinatge Polarized Has High Quality Polarized Lenses:

  • Dubery Sunglasses blocking light, reducing heat radiation, enhancing color and contrast, minishing damage from strong sunray and restoring image accuracy, gives you enjoyment of a clearer vision.
  • Dubery Vintage HD Polarized lens, minimized glare via technology that produces the best polarized lenses on the planet.Restore the accuracy of the object,and offer you more clear visual feeling.
  • Dubery Sunglasses UV protection lens filters out 100% of UVA / UVB / UVC & harmful blue light up to 400 nm.


Dubery Sunglasses Amazon


Dubery Sunglasses for men polarized is the new trending men’s sunglasses in the US and all over the world.  When a product is very popular you start to get non- Authentic products.  Well eBay and Amazon is full of non - authentic sunglasses.  With no warrantees no return policies.  So stop wasting your money on eBay and Amazon for Dubery products!  Dubery Optics is the only USA Authentic Sunglass Company in the United States that Sells Dubery Vintage Polarized Sunglasses.  So don’t be fooled by non Authentic Dubery Sunglasses.


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Dubery Mens Sunglasses Reviews

 Dubery Mens Sunglasses ReviewsDubery Mens Sunglasses Reviews



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The price starts around $17.50 to 65.95 per pair US Dollars.  Aside from having plenty of options on what type of frame you should purchase.  You may also choose your preferred pair based on your budget since the lower cost of dubery vintage sunglasses products offers an extensive affordable price range.



Dubery Sunglasses Website: Dubery Optics has dubery vintage sunglasses listed for $17.50 to 65.50 US Dollars.  Purchases via PayPal or major credit cards like Visa Mastercard are also accepted as a form of payment for online transactions.



As soon as you confirmed your order on Dubery Sunglasses Website Dubery Optics, with free shipping and no sales tax will be provided on processing.  Dubery products will be prepared straight from Charlotte NC where Dubery Sunglasses Warehouse is located.



Dubery Sunglasses delivery timeframe is 2-3 business days through out the United States with live tracking from USPS. Need help tracking your Dubery Sunglasses just email live support at



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Dubery Sunglasses NZ

Dubery Sunglasses South Africa 

Dubery Sunglasses Canada

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Why you should buy sunglasses



On top of the aforementioned reasons causing an increased popularity for sunglasses, there are some specific reasons to consider sporting a pair regularly.

Help prevent cancer and disease. Brissette said long-term exposure to UV radiation in sunlight is linked to cancers of the eye — either on the eyelid, around the eye or on the eyeball itself — as well as other conditions like cataracts, macular degeneration and a painful sunburn around the eyes called photokeratitis.

Reduce squinting and protect sensitive eyes. Our eyes' natural defense against bright rays is to squint. According to Brissette, squinting itself isn’t harmful but it can cause tension or fatigue around the eyes, as well as potentially trigger a headache or migraine around the eye region. She also notes that those with lighter-colored eyes tend to experience more sensitivity so they will especially benefit from sunglasses or tinted lenses. Sun exposure and prolonged squinting can lead to wrinkles in the skin around the eyes, she explained, “so [it’s] another good reason to wear sunglasses.”



The Sun & Your Eyes

Safeguard Against Vision Damage

No matter your age, the time of year or location, focus on safety by protecting your eyes from the sun every time you go outside.

In much the same way that it damages your skin, UV radiation (both UVA and UVB) from the sun and tanning beds reaches you by invisible wavelengths, producing DNA changes that can lead to skin cancers on the eyelids and premature aging of the delicate skin around your eyes.

Note: The eye protection information on this page has been curated from articles written for The Skin Cancer Foundation by Rene Rodriguez-Sains, MD.

Eyelid skin cancers account for 5-10% of all skin cancers

At least 10% of cataract cases are attributable to UV exposure

How the sun harms your eyes

UV radiation can cause other serious eye conditions including:

Cataracts: The most common cause of treatable blindness, cataracts cloud and yellow the lens of your eye, causing progressive vision loss.

Macular degeneration: A major cause of vision loss for people over age 60, macular degeneration is caused by cumulative UV damage to the central portion of the retina, the back layer inside each eye that records what we see and sends it to your brain.

Keratitis, or corneal sunburn: UV exposure can cause painful burning of the cornea, the clear surface that admits light and images to the retina. Also known as “snowblindness,” this condition occurs in skiers and hikers because of the sun’s intensity at altitudes and its reflective nature off of water, snow and ice.

Conjunctival cancers: Once rare, these eye cancers are increasing, especially among older people.


While rare, ocular melanoma is the most common eye cancer
in adults. Unlike melanomas that occur on the skin, ocular
melanomas have no known association with UV rays.

How the sun harms your eyelids

If you are like most people, you’ve probably never thought about eyelid skin cancer, and it might surprise you to learn that basal cell carcinoma (BCC), squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and melanoma on the eyelid can occur.

To break it down further: BCCs make up the vast majority — about 90 percent — of eyelid skin cancers. Of the balance, an estimated 5 percent or more are SCCs, while melanomas account for 1 to 2 percent. Most eyelid skin cancers occur on the lower lid, because it receives the most sun exposure.

When diagnosed and treated early, eyelid cancers usually respond well to surgery and follow-up care, with the eye and eyelid functioning intact. But left untreated, they can be dangerous – with the potential to cause tissue damage and blindness. Both BCCs and SCCs can also spread to the eye itself and surrounding areas.

Protect your eyes against the sun

And look cool doing it!

By embracing some simple actions and making them a way of life, you and your family can safely enjoy the great outdoors while protecting the health of your eyes and the sensitive skin around them.

  • Wear sunglasses year-round whenever you are out in the sun. Sun damage to the eyes can occur any time of year.
  • Choose shades that block 99 to 100 percent of both UVA and UVB light. When purchasing sunglasses, look for the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation.
  • Wear a hat with at least a three-inch brim and tightly woven fabric (no holes) to protect your face and the top of your head. Hats can block as much as half of all UV rays from your eyes and eyelids.
  • Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher, to protect yourself when you need to take off your shades. Choose one that is safe for your face and eyes.
  • Be aware of clouds: the sun’s rays can pass through haze and clouds, so eye protection is important even when there is cloud cover.
  • Take extra care near water, snow and sand: 80 percent or more of the sun’s rays reflect off of these surfaces, so that they hit your eyes and skin a second time.
  • Be altitude-aware: UV intensity increases with altitude, so be sure to protect your eyes while skiing, snowboarding and hiking.
  • Seek shade: Whenever possible, especially during times when the sun is most intense (typically 10 AM – 4 PM).

If you are experiencing problems with your eyes or eyelids, visit your physician or eye doctor.

Get proactive about prevention

Safeguard your eyes by making sun safety a daily routine, year-round. For more prevention tips, see Your Daily Sun Protection Guide.

Reviewed by:
Elisabeth G. Richard, MD

Last reviewed: June 2019



Sunglasses For Men

The right sunglasses for your face shape

Finding the right pair of sunglasses for you depends on your face shape. For each shape, there are certain pairs that will look better and certain pairs that will look worse. By knowing your face shape and what works well for you, you can avoid ordering the wrong style online.

Round face

Go with a shape like aviators or something square. Stay away from circles as this will draw out the roundness in your face. 

Oval face

If you have an oval face, you are one of the lucky ones. Most frame shapes will look great on you. The only thing you should stay away from is sunglasses that are bigger than your face. 

Square face

If you have a square face, think soft lines and round shapes. These types of frames will offset the hard lines in your face shape. 

Oblong face

Similar to square face shapes, oblong faces look good with soft lines and round shapes. The only thing to stay away from is smaller frames.

Heart-shaped face

If your face is heart-shaped, you will want to choose sunglasses with sharp corners and lines. Steer clear of anything teardrop-shaped or oversized.

Diamond-shaped face

Most frame shapes will work with this face shape. The only thing to avoid with a diamond-shaped face are frames that don’t fit within the proportions of your face.

Triangular face

Your sunglasses should mirror the proportions of your face shape. That means choosing sunglasses frames that are larger on top than they are on the bottom. Something teardrop-shaped will work well.


Sunglasses Polarized

Finding Sunglasses with the right Polarized features

When purchasing sunglasses, there are a few different types of features to know about. Knowing what you want in each type of feature will help you narrow down your decision. The important thing to remember is finding the features that work best for your face and your lifestyle.


Finding the right fit means finding sunglasses that fit your face shape and facial features. You don’t want frames that go beyond your temples, but you also don’t want them too small for your face. Measure facial width and use this to help you find the right size sunglasses for you. 


There are so many different shapes of sunglasses. You can find aviators, square shades, circular sunglasses, and everything in between. The key to finding the right shape frame for your face is knowing your face shape. As we discussed earlier, there are certain frame shapes that look good on each facial shape.


The material of your sunglasses makes a substantial impact on their durability. Most sunglasses are made of plastic or metal, but not all plastics and metals are created equal. 


You can find lenses that are tinted all sorts of colours. The colour of the tint impacts how the light is filtered through the lens. Amber lenses help to filter blue light. Gradient lenses block the light from above but don’t change your view straight ahead. Red or pink lenses may look cool but they can alter colours and make it difficult to see traffic signals. Figure out how you will most often use your sunglasses and decide which lens tint will work best from there.

Best Sunglasses For Men

How do you protect your eyes from UV rays?

Cataracts, corneal sunburn, and a range of other eye problems can all be caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays. Nobody wants that. 

Still, protecting your eyes from the UV rays of the sun can feel like a daunting task. We know, it seems like there are about 756 different types of lenses that claim they protect you from the sun the best. We are here to help you get the different types of lenses straight, so you can protect your eyes well. 

What’s the secret to keeping your eyes safe from UVs? Choose lenses that have 100% UV protection. These types of lenses are also sometimes called UV400 lenses. These are hands-down the best way to protect your eyes.

Now, some of you might be wondering about the other types of lenses that claim best eye protection. Let’s clear up some misconceptions. 

Polarised lenses do not protect your eyes from UV rays. They do minimize the glare of the sun off of reflective surfaces, and this can be helpful. However, these are not the answer if you are trying to avoid eye damage caused by UV rays.

Getting darker lenses does not mean you are better protected from UV rays. The only way these lenses help you is by making it easier to see in bright light. Go with UV protected lenses for the best protection.


Sunglasses For Men 2020

Frequently asked questions about men’s sunglasses

Which sunglass brand is best?

The best sunglass brands are Dubery Polarized Sunglasses. For a more in-depth look at top men’s sunglass brands, check out Dubery Sunglasses For Men list.

What is the best UV protection for sunglasses?

The best UV protection for sunglasses are sunglasses that have 100% UV protection. Additionally, sunglasses with frames that wrap around the side of the eye offer the best protection because they even protect UV rays from getting in the side of your eye.

What are the most comfortable sunglasses?

The most comfortable sunglasses are the Bandits by Dubery Polarized Sunglasses. They feature the light weight in the arms that relieves pressure on the head, and they have an adjustable nose bridge, making them adjustable at two points.

Who makes the best sunglass lenses?

The best sunglass lenses are made by Dubery Sunglasses. The brand offers a crystal lens that boasts the ability to help you see clearest. Dubery created a BlueLight+ lens that is designed to filter blue light and prevent dry eyes.

Who makes the best polarised sunglasses?

The best polarised sunglasses are made by Dubery. They offer a large variety of frames and styles with polarised lenses. As a classic tried and true sunglasses brand with top technology, you can’t go wrong.

What sunglasses look best on me?

Finding the sunglasses that look best on you all depends on your face shape. Check our guide on choosing the right sunglasses for your face type to see exactly what will look best on you.

What are the best sunglasses for pilots?

The best sunglasses for pilots are the Masters by Dubery Sunglasses. Dubery Brand has be engineering supplying Aviator Sunglasses to the U.S. Military for the past 42 years. Their pilot sunglasses feature unique bayonet temples that are designed to fit comfortably under headgear. Additionally, they have polarized grey gradient lenses offering 100% UVA/UVB protection.


Best Sunglasses For Men




Even if you’re still figuring out the rest of your summer style essentials, there’s no question that you need one of the best pairs of men’s sunglasses to shield your eyes from the sun. They’ve been a signifier of timeless cool for decades, rocked in classic shapes by the likes of everyone from Steve McQueen and Daniel Craig (two icons worth emulating in matters of men’s style if ever there were any).

They’re a key to finishing off a warm-weather look, whether it’s pairing them with slim chino shorts and a simple pocket tee, or rocking them with a slim chambray suit and leather loafers for a summer wedding. And they can also provide critical sun protection during the rest of the year, too. A range of price points in our picks below should satisfy every budget, and as long as you know what you’re looking for — that is, an affordable cost and top-notch quality — you should be set to team them up with the rest of your everyday carry essentials for the warmer months (and heck, well beyond that). So grab yourself a pair of the best men’s sunglasses and get ready to hit the beach — or the mountains.








Sun's out, shades on!


There's no great jacket that can't be ruined if paired with a bad pair of pants. There's no hairstyle stylish enough to compensate for an unkempt beard. But there is one universal style truth that all men know in their hearts: The right pair of sunglasses can always look cool, no matter what else you're wearing.

Every guy has a sunglasses style icon, from Tom Brady to Tony Montana, Steve McQueen’s Persols to The Notorious B.I.G.’s Versace 424s. But those signature shades can often comes with a prohibitively premium price tag, leaving many of us feeling like we have to settle for whatever’s on our gas station’s spinner rack.

But that's not entirely true. In fact, there are affordable men's sunglasses in each and every one of these famous frame styles, if you just know where to look. Of course, not every style works for every face shape, but with this lineup of 15 of the most famous frames all for under $50, we're confident you'll find the the right fit for your face and your budget.

Men's Sunglasses

Best for: Any face shape

Who sports this style: Tom Cruise in Risky BusinessMuhammad Ali

These might be the most iconic shades in the game, a type of frame that goes by many names. Ray-Ban, who originated the iconic design, calls their style the Wayfarer. Warby Parker calls their take on the shape the Harris. Plenty of others simply call it the Classic.

And it's a classic for a reason. Not only have these iconic sun-blocking spectacles adorned countless famous faces throughout the latter half of the 20th century and into the 21st, but they also look incredible on virtually any face shape.

Case in point: This frame style looked equally cool on both of the Blues Brothers, and there may be no two faces more different in shape than Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi.

For a reliable and affordable pair of classic shades, look to these PolarSpex, which are available in a range of frame and lens colors.

Read More: The 10 Best Bluetooth Sunglasses of 2022

Aviator Sunglasses
Now 26% off

Best for: Heart, square, and oval faces

Who sports this style: Tom Cruise in Top GunFuturePresident Biden

As the name suggests, this extremely popular style of sunglasses were first designed for military pilots in the 1930s and ’40s, with General MacArthur sporting the Army-Air-commissioned spectacles in newspaper photos around the world. Now a staple of mens’ style on the home front as well, aviators are beloved for their thin metal frame and glare-resistant lenses, making them as functional as they are stylish.

For those looking to step into the “danger zone” with a sleek pair of aviator-style glasses, we recommend these all-black shades from Luenx. They come with a protective case to ensure the frame doesn’t get bent or distorted when it’s not being worn.

Semi-Rimless Sunglasses for Men

Best for: Oval, diamond, and square faces

Who sports this style: Bruce Willis in MoonlightingTim Roth in Reservoir Dogs

Browline frames originated as a style of clear eyeglasses in 1947, sported by historical figures like Vince Lombardi and Malcolm X. The style lost popularity in the 1970s, but saw a resurgence in the 1980s after Bruce Willis sported a pair on the television program Moonlighting. This inspired Ray-Ban to introduce their own Browline sunglasses called the Clubmaster, and the frame saw a massive resurgence.

If you're looking for a bit of that throwback cool, snag these slick browline shades from Kaliyadi, and stick with the tortoiseshell matte color for the full effect.

Slickster Rectangular Sunglasses

Best for: Oval and heart faces

Who sports this style: Robert Pattinson in The Batman, Marcello Mastroianni in 8 1/2

If the classic Wayfarer shape is the four-in-hand necktie of sunglasses, these rectangular style frames are the skinny tie — a more slender, more modern look, and a riskier wear that, if paired with the right face and outfit, can make for a distinctive look.

The Arnette Slicksters are an affordable alternative to the typically pricey designer shades, and come with a case and cleaning cloth.

Round Trendy Sunglasses
WearMe Pro
Now 24% off

Best for: Square, triangle, and heart faces

Who sports this style: John LennonSamuel L. JacksonLiam Gallagher of Oasis

A round frame doesn’t necessarily mean a perfect circle, unless you’re going full ’70s John Lennon. In that case, you’d better be prepared to churn out some classic albums. But any kind of rounded frame can help to draw attention away from the more angular elements of square, triangular, or heart-shaped faces.

If you're looking for a set of circular lenses to take for a spin, these round glasses from WearMe Pro are a perfect middle ground between the classic aviator style and a fully circular frame, at a remarkably reasonable price point.

Retro Large Plastic Aviator Sunglasses

Best for: Oval and square faces

Who sports this style: Miles DavisElvis Presley

The actual terminology for this subset of aviators, which feature a thicker plastic frame as opposed to the thinner metal frame typical to aviators, is debated. Some use “teardrop” to denote a more “dipped” lens than the typical aviator, and others simply mean a larger lens.

What is certain is that this particular type of aviator is favored by those looking for a more durable pair of shades, since thin metal frames have a tendency to bend and distort in pockets, or even just dangling from necklines. Plus, frames of this size — like these ZeroUV large aviators — offer total eye-protecting coverage, ideal for bright lights and beach days.

Polarized Wrap Around Sunglasses
Now 40% off

Best for: Oval, diamond, and heart faces

Who sports this style: Will Smith in Men in BlackClint Eastwood in Dirty Harry

The key advantage of a wrap around sunglass frame is that it curves with the contours of your face, ensuring that it blocks out sunlight not only in front of your face, but in your periphery as well. And it still maintains a relatively classic, casual look.

As a result, these shades tend to be favored by those with an active lifestyle, be they outdoorsman, drivers, or the aforementioned men in black. These affordable polarized shades from Nitrogen sport lenses with UV400 protection, helping to filter out both UVA and UVB rays.

Flat Top Square Driving Glasses
Jim Halo

Best for: Round, oval, and some heart faces

Who sports this style: El-P of Run The JewelsRoddy Piper in They Live

This style of sunglasses are sometimes called square frames, other times flat top, and still other times “driving glasses,” with Jim Halo choosing all three for this particular pair.

This type of frame often features a very distinct straight line across the brow, and very angular lenses. It makes for a very striking statement, but also strongly accentuates facial angles in a sometimes glaring way. So, those with square, rectangular, or triangular faces should probably steer clear.

Retro Small Narrow Rimless Sunglasses

Best for: Oval, diamond, and heart faces

Who sports this style: Sean CombsTom Cruise

Rimless eyeglasses have actually been around for well over a century. President Theodore Roosevelt famously sported a pair, and they were thought to evoke a sense of intellectualism. In the latter half of the 20th century, that high status association carried through to the sunglasses style, as figures at the top of their respective industries — like Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs and Tom Cruise — were seen sporting them.

But be wary because an attempt to recreate this particular red carpet look could blow up in your face, if that face happens to be round or square. That's because this type of frame — particularly rectangular lenses like those in these distinct Feisedy glasses — accentuates facial width, which makes them more ideal for longer face shapes like oval or diamond.

Oval Sunglasses
Now 15% off

Best for: Square, diamond, and triangular faces

Who sports this style: Bad BunnyWill Smith in Wild Wild West

Musician Bad Bunny is nothing if not daring in his sense of personal style: After all, this is the person who gave us glow-in-the-dark Crocs and a Cheetos tracksuit. But he also takes a lot of risks with his eyewear, including reviving interest in the oval frame sunglasses.

As any of us who got those Wild Wild West promotional sunglasses with our Burger King kids meals can attest, these unique frames aren't a perfect fit for every face. They serve to smooth out more angular faces — much like their round counterparts — so square, diamond, and triangular faces would be better served by this frame.

But you also want to make sure these slimmer rounded frames fit your face size-wise, lest you wind up looking more Ben Franklin than Bad Bunny. These oval shades from Gifiore feature two 42-millimeter-wide lenses and a 22-millimeter bridge, which should comfortably fit most wearers.

Polarized Oversized Aviator Sunglasses

Best for: Diamond, square, and oval faces

Who sports this style: The WeekndRobert DeNiro in Casino

For a while, it seemed like these deliberately oversized style of sunglasses were going to stay a thing of the past. They were the kind of shades you often saw in movies set in old Las Vegas, or in real life sported by people in Vegas who were, well, fairly old. Then, in 2019, The Weeknd dropped the video for “Blinding Lights,” and suddenly, everybody was seeking out the kind of chunky shades their grandmas usually packed for a weekend in Boca.

Now, most of us can't pull off frames as radical as The Weeknd (this is a guy who can make a face full of bandages look cool, after all), but if you're looking to add an oversized frame to your sunglass game without breaking the bank, you can snag these flat top oversized aviators from Vanlinker. They come with a microfiber carrying case and cleaning cloth, to boot.

Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Best for: Oval, diamond, and heart faces

Who sports this style: Aaron JudgeFrancisco Lindor

“For most of us,” the old show Arli$$ used to say, “...the dream of becoming a champion remains a fantasy.” But that doesn’t mean we don’t look to athletes as inspiration, as role models, and sometimes, as style icons. So, while this particular style of sunglasses began as an entirely functional invention intended for athletic activity, it’s now emerged as a popular style for men in everyday life.

Sports sunglasses, like these Torege shades, feature a rimless bottom that allows for a clear lower vision field and prevents lens fogging. It features a rubber nose pad, which helps the glasses stay secure — even when sweating. Plus, this particular pair comes with three interchangeable lenses for daytime and nighttime activities, as well as driving.

Shield Sunglasses
Foster Grant

Best for: Oval and diamond faces

Who sports this style: Kool Moe DeeJackie Chan

Shield sunglasses can — obviously — be a bit of a risky choice. They're deliberately ostentatious, with a single large lens covering both eyes and crossing over the bridge of the nose. As such, there's no real way to go low-key with a shield: You have to embrace it. However, go too far in the deliberately garish vibe, and you'll wind up looking like Macho Man Randy Savage (which, if that's your goal, hey, we have you covered).

If you're looking for a pair of shield sunglasses that won't strain your wallet — but don't look cheap — turn to this simple shield from Foster Grant, a company with over a century of history in the sunglasses industry.

Round Flip Up Sunglasses

Best for: Square, triangle, and heart faces

Who sports this style: Dwayne Wayne from A Different WorldLupe Fiasco

Sure, when it comes to style, you can always chase the latest trends, but sometimes, you have to go deliberately retro.

Call it “steampunk,” or if you’re of a certain age, the “Dwayne Wayne.” But whatever you call it, these rounded flip-up shades are certainly a striking and distinctive look that can be sported ironically. (Or, if you can truly commit to it, with full stylish sincerity.)

White Clout Goggles Sunglasses
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Best for: The bold

Who sports this style: Kurt Cobain of NirvanaPlayboi Carti

We'll get this right out of the way: These are about as bold and as risky a sunglass choice as you could possibly get. If something like a Wayfarer is the right frame for almost every face, this style could very well be considered wrong for most. But sometimes, you gotta just run headlong into a style so wrong that it becomes right again.

That's what Kurt Cobain did in 1993 when he paired these glaringly white goggles with a hunting cap and nail polish, and it's also what happened in 2017 as a slew of ostentatious rappers like Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert, and Offset all embraced these intentionally garish '60s-mod-style shades as part of their persona.

This is a case where determining if you can pull off these shades has nothing to do with face shape, and everything to do with confidence. After all, fortune favors the bold.


When looking for the best sunglasses for men, the ShadesDaddy experts considered all possible factors in choosing the best of the best. Sunglasses are used for functional purposes, like protecting one’s eyes from the sun with UV protection. Sunglasses are also used as a fashion accessory to accommodate a lifestyle or become an ensemble piece to a style of clothing.

Overall, the sunglasses of your choice should come down to style, function, and your overall shape face. As we laid out in our easy-to-read face shape guide, each face is unique to its shape and should accommodate the style of sunglasses based on the measurements of your face.

Multiple stylings will fit the contour of your face and with ShadesDaddy’s wide collection across all of the latest styles and shapes, you’ll be sure to find the sunglasses of your choice in minutes.

Whatever your preference is when it comes to your personal style and color scheme, your face shape will ultimately determine which style of frames you should choose from.

When selecting the best sunglasses for men, it can be tough to select the exact sunglasses with all the great possible solutions out there.

With 2022 bucking new trends across the sunglasses industry, our experts will highlight just a few of the top trendsetting pairs that will feast your appetite for the latest in sunglasses fashion.

Selecting Sunglasses by Shape Face

Your face shape ultimately determines the style of sunglasses we’ll recommend for you, so make sure you keep the shape guide handy with the selections we’ve chosen below:

For the round face shape, we recommend going with a frame that’s more angular and shaped to keep away from making your face too circular. Accentuating your face with wider, squarer framed sunglasses will go the distance in your sunglasses quest.

Some of the latest 2022 designs include:

Oakley Radar Ev Pitch – OO9211 Polished White : Prizm Field – Non Polarized

CARRERA 1005:S – 0B4E – 66mm

An oval-shaped face is the ideal face shape – you simply cannot go wrong with any pair of sunglasses, short of finding a pair that is wider than your face. Hare a few to consider:

Mont Blanc – MB0143S – Gold-Gold-Green : Solid Green – Non Polarized

Ray Ban – Clubmaster – RB3016 Black : G-15 Green – Polarized

Finding the best summer sunglasses for the square-shaped face should have more of a rounded corner to accommodate the square jaw. Make sure you choose a pair with softer lines and not too many angles.

Oakley – 0OO9433 – 943320 – 54mm

Oakley – Sutro – OO9406 Matte White : Prizm Road – Non Polarized

For those with a heart-shaped face, we recommend different angles and dimensions to add some flavor to your face. We recommend not going for something oversized or in a round or oval shape.

Arnette – GOEMON – 41:71 – 60mm

Arnette – DROPHEAD – 74025 – 49mm

The diamond-shaped face will work for most frames, so long as they stay within the proportion of your face. Try and avoid any sunglasses that will appear wider than your cheekbones, which will make it the widest points of your face.

Ray-Ban – NEW AVIATOR – 92023F – 62mm

Arnette – GRINGO – 27486G – 55mm

As with all sunglasses for both fashion and function, it will come down to preference. We created the guide to help customers understand which of the best sunglasses for men would look most optimal for their face shape. We encourage our customers to take a look through our vast catalog to see which pair of sunglasses work best for you!


As an essential accessory while on the links, having the best golf sunglasses can be all the difference between having a good game or a bad one. With the coming summer months, when the sun can be merciless during the day and can cause problems as the sun sets and rises, it’s important to choose the right pair of golf sunglasses.

With long strides in technology made in recent times in lens technology and frame design, there is a pair for everyone this coming golf season. Whether you’re looking for something sporty or more of a traditional type of sunglasses, has you covered!

With free shipping across the United States and a large selection of golf eyewear to choose from, it’s no wonder is a leader in providing a fitting pair for everyone.

The best golf sunglasses are available to you through a wide selection of different styles and colors. Through our easy-to-use guide, we’ll make it easy for you to choose the right pair for you before you hit the links this summer.

Best Golf Sunglasses Considerations

When it comes to choosing your pair of golf sunglasses, there are a few considerations. The obvious chief consideration should always be eye protection. With most of ShadesDaddy’s full catalogue, we feature a plethora of sunglasses with UV protective lenses that will protect your eyes from the sun during the most critical tee times.

Golf is all about precision and decision-making. If your eyesight is affected by harmful UV rays in any way, it can alter your game dramatically. More importantly, though, prolonged exposure to sunlight can create considerable risks of eye diseases down the road.

Buying a pair of sunglasses that not only allows you to see the ball without any strain or unimpeded but allows you to see your ball in flight on your way to victory, is surely the way to go.

Polarized Sunglasses

On top of UV protection, there’s also a notion to consider using polarized sunglasses to reduce glare that’s been reflected off surfaces, diminishing contrasts of colors and objects.

Consider using polarized sunglasses if glare is an issue deciphering the ball against the glare of water or sand traps.

However, an argument can be made for those that find the polarized technology creates nausea and thus impedes their overall depth perception. Also, the effectiveness of polarized sunglasses can be altered a bit on very bright days, which is something else to consider.

Sunglasses Designs

Considerations also include the overall look of the frames you will purchase. Golf attire is generally attributed to classic, clean looks with pressed polo shirts and plaid pants. Accompanying your golf ensemble with a classic pair of shades will no doubt make you look the part, but will be functional to your overall game. features many different styles and designs to fit your golf style. Factors in the actual design of the sunglasses differ in durability and comfort and those factors are taken into account.

Some golfers play with more sporty, ultra-light frames so the sunglasses won’t affect their overall game but stay comfortable on the face.

Others wear more of a classic pair like aviators that are functional but exude a more powerful look for when off the course.

When looking for the right pair of golf sunglasses, the experts at ShadesDaddy recommend the following criteria:

Material – the overall materials of the frames should be of a strong substance, like a polycarbonate, so they can withstand all outdoor conditions. We also want to emphasize the importance to have scratch-free lenses.
Durability – because you will be out on the links normally for an extended period of time, it’s important that your sunglasses can withstand all conditions on the links.
Comfort – as a golfer, it’s important to stay loose and comfortable. We recommend wearing a pair of sunglasses that will fit snugly on your face and stay on your face while attempting your short game and long swings.
Resistant – because most sunglasses come with a hydrophobic coating in the lens to make them more water-resistant. You will also want them to be scratch and impact-resistant, so there are no impediments in your game. 

    Our Recommendations

    The ShadesDaddy experts recommend getting a pair that fits all of the above criteria but will give you the maximum output on the course. Purchasing a sporty or a classy look differs on the person wearing the frames, so see how you look style-wise and put the shades to the test.

    Some of our recommendations include the following:



    The staff at got together to showcase our top picks for the most beautiful sunglasses for women in 2022. At, we feature many of the top brands of sunglasses and are proud of our wide range of frames to choose from.

    There are many factors in choosing the most beautiful sunglasses for women and it starts with safety. When choosing our top sunglasses for women, we want to make sure we covered the many aspects of what makes a good pair of sunglasses.

    At, we want to make sure all of our sunglasses have 100% protection against any harmful UVB and UVA rays. Ensuring that your eyes are protected, especially when enduring the harshest weather conditions, should be a defining factor in choosing the right pair for you. Facing the harm of the sun and being out in the water can present extremely harmful situations to your eyes, so it’s important to have the right protection.

    Having the best eye protection technology should be your #1 factor when it comes to buying the most optimal sunglasses for you. Thankfully, ShadesDaddy’s sunglasses are all UV-protected and are often polarized, giving them an added level of protection against glares from snow, water, or other surfaces.

    The next consideration in determining which pair of sunglasses would be right for the woman in your life would be the overall quality of the frames. Many of ShadesDaddy’s vast collection includes frames with some of the highest quality materials in the market today.

    Showcasing most of the top brands in the eyewear industry consistently, you’ll find top-quality sunglasses ranging from acetate to stainless steel to lightweight composite materials.

    When looking for the most beautiful sunglasses for women, a shape preference will come into play. Preferences include oversized frames, fitted sunglasses, or classic styles such as aviator, cat-eye, and square.

    Most sunglasses are made for everyday use, but some will be often used in classy and stylish settings. Selecting the right sunglasses for the right face is important, but factoring in where you will be showing off your shades will come into play as well.

    Our last factor when selecting the top sunglasses for women is the color of the frames and lenses. Making sure your sunglasses fit your lifestyle choices can be reflected in the color of the sunglasses you choose. Being mindful of the color selections and how they look with your clothing options will be a true reflection of who you are.



    With the Boston Marathon around the corner, ShadesDaddy presents our top 5 running sunglasses for 2022.

    The Boston Marathon signifies the birth of spring and with it, more outdoor activities. The warmer climate allows for outdoor exercise in some of the northern states, where winter is slowly thawing away.

    In Winter or summer, a key staple to any outdoor activity is the ability to protect one’s eyes from harmful UV rays, especially on a cloudy day. For long-distance runners, finding the right pair of sunglasses to run in can make all the difference to a successful marathon run.

    Finding that perfect blend of lenses that provide protection against the sun but are also comfortable enough to wear on a long run can often be challenging to some marathoners.

    Because the harmful UV rays can reach the eyes from all angles, it’s important for runners to find a pair that can offer the best protection possible. Wraparound sunglasses can provide protection with its contoured shape but can lead to irritation at times.

    Most of the top branded running sunglasses will protect against the sun and offer relief from seasonal irritations, so it’s important to be selective about your pair.

    The eyewear experts at ShadesDaddy recommends making sure your running sunglasses are polarized to protect against any glares from the road or cars. If you don’t want to take the polarized option, we recommend running in low-light situations or off-road to offset any glaring opportunities.

    We recommend runners take their time when choosing the right sunglasses for themselves, which is why we’ve compiled a top 5 running sunglasses list for 2022.



    ShadesDaddy is ready for spring with our top sunglass styles for the spring of 2022. We are celebrating the sporty types this spring with featured pairs from our Oakley, Ray-Ban, and Costa collections.

    Whether you’re out in the open water or need a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes against sun conditions, ShadesDaddy has you covered. With an additional $50 off select eyewear this spring, your eyes will thank you in so many ways.

    As we welcome warmer weather, we start with the best shades for the wide-open seas that money can buy. Costa Del Mar is famous for being the go-to sunglasses when combatting the glares of the open water and the harsh rays of the sun.

    ShadesDaddy’s vast Costa Del Mar collection features multiple styles and colors that will not only help your eyes as you navigate the great outdoors but will look good doing it.

    Included in our wide Costa collection, are the Half Moon Tiger Shark Ocearc Green Mirror polarized frames.


    These beach-style-inspired sunglasses are the ultimate pair to wear while on the deep blue sea. Built with straight temples, integrated spring hinges, and double-cut textures, the frames are the perfect blend of style and function. When looking for a pair of sunglasses that are the embodiment of the thick waves of the ocean, the Half-Moon frames are for you.

    Next on our must-have Costa list are the Costa Del Mar Peli Polarized Aviator Sunglasses.


    The “Peli” in the name is short for “Pelican” and is a true inspiration from the water. Pilot shaped with sharp features and with high-quality materials, these frames are built to last. Illumed by the boat hull with textures enlightened by the coastal living, the Peli Aviators are an inspiration to see what’s out there in the open waters.

    Check out a fan favorite with the Costa Del Mar Women’s Egret Polarized Square Sunglasses.


    Like the other water-loving pairs above, these classics are true to their namesake and are the embodiment of life on the coast. Completely protective against harmful UV rays, these frames offer a wavy texture that perfectly personifies the sandy shorelines.

    Included in our spring collection is another top sunglass styles brand: Ray-Ban. The Ray-Ban brand is synonymous with combining the worlds of fashion and speed, made of the highest quality products, and is fully made to protect your eyes from all conditions. From the classics to the retro pairs, Ray-Bans are fully functional, high-quality sunglasses that will also make you feel like a million bucks.

    As part of our assemblage this spring, the Gunmetal Blue Mirror Gold Polarized from Ray-Ban is a sight to behold.


    For the lover of fast cars and life in the fast lane, these are the perfect pair for you! With the Ferrari logo lightly emblazoned on the lenses, this true embodiment of action in motion is the ultimate pair for you.

    Next on our Ray-Ban hit list are the Square Arista Blue Gradient Grey Polarized frames.


    An homage to the 70s look, these oversized square frames fit the bill for function and will be sure to turn heads in the process. With a strong foundation, the Arista frames are a simply constructed pair that will leave you looking confident and bold.

    Nothing says the great outdoors like Oakley and ShadesDaddy’s spring sale will have you covered with the latest Oakley styles. The Oakley brand is proud to offer peak sports performance across a wide array of frame types and styles.

    One of our more popular Oakley sunglasses is the Holbrook – OO9102 Matte Black Tortoise / Prizm Sapphire Iridium Polarized frames.


    A true hallmark of the Oakley brand, these high-performing sunglasses offer a timeless design combined with modern technology. Driven by adventure and exploration, these hero-inspired frames are the epitome of Oakley innovation: equal parts style and performance in one frame.

    A unique pair of Oakley sunglasses are the Oakley Men’s OO4144 Coinflip Round frames.


    A modern spin on the iconic traditional round sunglasses, the Coinflip Rounds is built with a strong material foundation. The contemporary look blends the past with the present but is the perfect combination of style and comfort.

    ShadesDaddy has you covered

    At ShadesDaddy this spring, not only are we promoting an active lifestyle in your new sunglasses, we are knocking off an extra $50 off the price. With free shipping within the United States, our spring offer won’t last long, so make sure you grab the pair that best personifies your outdoor style fast!


    9 Of The Best Sunglasses For Men To Shop In 2022

    Sunglasses are stylish yet functional, sharpening up your fashion look while also shielding your eyes from damaging UV rays. The best sunglasses are the ones you’ll actually wear: Anything that pinches the bridge of your nose or digs into the sides of your head will just sit in a drawer or be shoved into a car glove compartment, never to be worn again. Comfort is, therefore, key. The fashion aspect is easier to negotiate.

    While everyone has an opinion on which frames look best on different face shapes, the trick is simply to create contrast—if you have a round face, balance it with rectangle or square-shaped glasses; if you have a wide, boxy face, go for rounder, aviator styles. Lifestyle factors might also be important to you: If you plan on wearing your shades while running or hitting golf balls on the green, lounging at the pool or traveling, you’ll want to prioritize different criteria—specifically, the size, weight and lens quality. With that in mind, we analyzed the options on the market to find the best sunglasses for men, depending on price points and needs. Here, 9 Vetted editor-approved pairs.

    Shop The Best Sunglasses For Men


    Best Sunglasses For Men Overall: Ray-Ban Justin Classic
    Best Polarized Sunglasses For Men: Maui Jim Kawika
    Best Affordable Polarized Sunglasses For Men: Knockaround Pacific Palisades Sahara Horizon
    Best Sport Sunglasses For Men: Oakley Gascan Steel Sunglasses
    Best Sunglasses For Men With Large Heads: Costa Osearch Switchfoot
    Best Travel Sunglasses For Men: Huckberry Weekenders
    Best Stylish Sunglasses For Men: Persol 714SM
    Best Less Expensive Sunglasses For Men: Raen Aren Square Sunglasses
    Best Prescription Sunglasses For Men: Warby Parker Fletcher Sunglasses


      Best Sunglasses For Men Overall

      Ray-Ban: Timeless Classic That Looks Good On Everyone

      Ray-Ban Justin Classic Sunglasses


      Why it’s great: Time-tested and stylish, Ray-Bans got its start in the 1930s providing frames for Air Force pilots. New York-based stylist Audree Lopez considers this pair the perfect addition to one’s collection. The lenses are scratch resistant, UV-protected and have a modern and minimal shape, which flatters almost every face shape, says Lopez. Key criticism: You can add customized options yet doing so increases the price. Other options: This pair is available in five colors, making it a versatile choice at a reasonable price, or consider the Wayfarers or Clubmasters.

      FORBES.COMRay-Ban Promo Codes | 50% Off In June 2022 | Forbes

      Best Polarized Sunglasses For Men

      Maui Jim: Highest Quality Lenses

      Maui Jim Kawika Polarized Sunglasses


      Why it’s great: A lot of brands offer polarized sunglasses—which get rid of glare that washes out colors and fatigues your eyes—but Maui Jim’s are among the best for its specific technology. They’re lenses eliminate 99.9% of glare, including horizontal glare that reflects from any flat, smooth or shiny surface. There’s also a bi-gradient mirror applied to the top and bottom of the lens, which “squints” for you to reduce the brightest light from above and below, allowing your eyes to relax. Key criticism: The high quality lenses drive up the price. Other options: These sunglasses are available in four different frames and lens colors. We also like the Relaxation Mode and Kiawe styles.

      Best Affordable Polarized Sunglasses For Men

      Knockaround: Great Value For The Price

      Knockaround Sahara Horizon Pacific Palisades


      Why it’s great: If you tend to lose your sunglasses (or sit on them) and don’t want to invest in an expensive polarized pair, Knockaround’s are a good alternative. They include basic amber polarized lenses, which provides full UV400 protection, and are molded out of high quality materials, so they can handle wear and tear. Key criticism: These frames are on the larger side so they might be difficult to fit in a pocket. Other options: Check out the Torrey Pines frames for a bold look or the Premiums for something more practical.

      Best Sports Sunglasses For Men

      Oakley: Stays Put During Sweaty Workouts

      Oakley Gascan Steel Sunglasses


      Why it’s great: A bestselling from the brand known for performance sunglasses, Oakley’s Gascan frames have been tested and retested under extreme conditions to ensure they stay put on the bridge of your nose and temples without pressing too hard. You can customize the lenses, including adding polarization and prescription features. Key criticism: These glasses tend to run on the small side. Other options: Our top picks include the Half Jacket 2.0 and the Straightlink.

      Best Sunglasses For Men With Large Heads

      Costa: Adjustable And Available In XL Sizes

      Costa Osearch Switchfoot


      Why it’s great: If your head is on the larger size, sunglasses often fit uncomfortably or stretch out over time, which weakens the materials. Costa’s sunglasses come in various sizes—from small to XXL—which you can filter on their site, along with features such as lens color and material and frame style. The Switchfoot has blue mirror polarized lenses, which are best for bright light and reducing glare off the water. Key criticism: These are meant for a high nose bridge (meaning the bone extends up higher up than the curve of your pupils) so they might not fit securely on those with flatter noses. Other options: For a sporty version, try the Reefton Pro and the Sampan for an XXL size.

      Best Travel Sunglasses For Men

      Huckberry: Durable And Designed For Adventure

      Huckberry Weekenders


      Why it’s great: San-Francisco-based Huckberry makes sunglasses with durable materials and quality lenses that aren’t super expensive, which makes them great to take on the road when traveling. The Weekenders have a lightweight, sturdy construction won’t snap easily. And in case you need a spare (or leave them behind in a hotel room,) Huckberry offers a discount—you can buy two pairs for $60. Key criticism: These glasses don’t come with a carrying case so make sure they’re protected when in your bag. Other options: These shades come in 10 colors but if none of those work for you, consider the Cruisers.

      Best Stylish Sunglasses For Men

      Persol: Classic Italian Beauty

      Persol 714SM - Steve McQueen


      Why it’s great: Persol sunglasses are pricey but deliver a lot of Italian craftsmanship. The 714 frames—the same that Steve McQueen regularly wore—stand out for being the first-ever folding glasses model. The sunglasses have a pilot shape, keyhole bridge and collapsable bridge that allows you to fold them and put them in your pocket; that technology requires ten additional manufacturing steps (which explains the higher price tag). Fashion stylist Lopez is a fan and also likes that pair come with a two-year warranty. Key criticism: The price point. Other options: For more classic styles, check out the 649 and PO3285S.

      Best Less Expensive Stylish Sunglasses For Men

      Raen: Well Crafted And California Made

      Raen Aren Square Sunglasses


      Why it’s great: Raen’s sunglasses are handmade from zyl acetate and built to last with five barrel hinges, a wire core embedded in each temple for strength and polarized lenses that give you 100% UVA/UVB protection. They’re stylish at a reasonable price and you can experiment with bolder options with the virtual try-on feature that works remarkable well. Key criticism: These glasses have a slightly narrow fit so keep that in mind when ordering. Other options: For more stylish pairs, consider the Adin or the Myles.

      Best Prescription Sunglasses For Men

      Warby Parker: Customized Lenses

      Warby Parker Fletcher Sunglasses


      Why it’s great: Warby Parker simplifies the process of getting stylish prescription sunglasses, with their free at-home and virtual try-on options. The brand also gives back—for every pair purchased, it donates a pair to someone in need. These frames have clean lines and a flat brow for modern look. Key criticism: The price increases with the more customization you add on (the base price with a prescription is $195). Other options: We also like the Haskell and Raider frames.

      How to Choose Sunglasses: Size, Styles & Lens Guide

      Sunglasses are ubiquitous symbols of style, but they're also important to protect your eyes. If you want to find the right pair of sunglasses for you, it helps to know what to look for while you shop, other than which shades express the true you aesthetically. Good looks are important, but there is more to know. There are heaps of different construction combinations to consider when choosing the right sunglasses, each providing unique benefits worth weighing before you buy. We can ignore looks though, so we'll help you choose the sunglasses for your face shape and your style, too. Read on and shop using essential information from our experts.

      Sunglasses UV Protection

      Although there’s no way to deny how great you look in that killer pair of shades, there’s a real reason to wear them! On top of being an awesome fashion accessory, sunglasses protect you from various forms of ultraviolet (UV) light, increasing optical clarity in bright conditions while reducing the risk of damage to your eyes.

      Sunglasses are essential for people exposed to high levels of UV) light during activities like snowsports, watersports and driving in bright weather. When purchasing sunglasses, one of the most important things to look for is 100% UV protection. Even though the sun is 93 million miles away, the ultraviolet UV rays it emits can be a factor in causing cataracts, macular degeneration and growths on the eye, including cancer.

      There are two types of UV light you need to look out for:

      UVB Rays

      These rays are super intense and are the primary cause of sunburns and cancer, and can be very hazardous to the eyes. UVB rays vary in intensity throughout the year and are much stronger in the summer months between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm – this is the time of year when the earth’s axial tilt is angled towards the sun, causing UVB rays to be more focused. Although UVB rays are more intense in the summer, they possess the capacity to burn or damage skin and eyes year-round, and their effect is amplified by snow.
      UVA Rays

      UVA rays account for 95% of the UV radiation reaching the Earth’s surface. UVA rays do not vary in intensity throughout the year and although they are much less intense, they are 30-50 times more prevalent than UVB rays. In recent studies, UVA rays have also been shown capable of contributing to the development of skin cancer and photoaging, and have been linked to the development of certain types of cataracts.

      Sunglasses Frame Size

      When picking out your new sunglasses the first thing to look at is face size. Sunglasses frame size should closely mirror face size - smaller frames work better with smaller faces and vice versa. Frame size refers to the actual fit of the sunglasses. This is a general rule of thumb and not to be confused with the coverage of the sunglasses. They do make oversize stunner shade for small faces. For a more specific look at the size of a pair of glasses, look at the dimensions. This is often written as three consecutive numbers: (Eye Size) – (Bridge Size) – (Temple Size). Not every manufacturer provides this info, but we have tried to include in the specs of every pair of sunglasses we can on our site.

      When picking out your new sunglasses the first thing to look at is face size. Sunglass frame size should closely mirror face size - smaller frames work better with smaller faces and vice versa. Frame size refers to the actual fit of the sunglasses. This is a general rule of thumb and not to be confused with the coverage of the sunglasses. They do make oversize stunner shade for small faces. For a more specific look at the size of a pair of glasses, look at the dimensions. This is often written as three consecutive numbers: (Eye Size) – (Bridge Size) – (Temple Size). Not every manufacturer provides this info, but we have tried to include in the specs of every pair of sunglasses we can on our site.

      Eye Size

      This is the horizontal measurement from the outside edge to the inside edge of one lens. Typical widths are 40–62 mm.

      Bridge Size

      The bridge is the distance between lenses. Typical widths are 14–24 mm.

      Temple Size

      This is the length of the temple piece, also known as the arm piece or ear piece. Typical lengths are 120–150 mmLearn More About Sunglasses Fit

      Sunglasses Frame Material

      Choosing a frame material that suits your purpose is critical as it plays a huge role in the comfort, safety and functionality of your new glasses. Different materials lend themselves to different functions, price ranges and styles. With each material comes distinct advantages and disadvantages.
      Metal Frame Sunglasses

      Metal is one commonly used material in the manufacturing of sunglass frames. Its malleability, corrosion resistance, and ease of adjustability, make it very easy to tailor to many face shapes and frame styles. Metal frames typically tend to be more expensive, less durable and are not ideal for action sports.

      Nylon Frame Sunglasses

      Nylon frames should be your go-to for sports and performance activities. Nylon frames are resistant to stresses from temperature fluctuations, and remain super flexible while still retaining the stiffness required for safety. Companies use different brand names for their frame nylons, including Grilamid (not company specific) and O-Matter™ (specific to Oakley). Nylon frames tend to be less expensive, lightweight and stronger than traditional metal frames.

      Titanium Frame Sunglasses

      Generally found in higher-end sunglasses, Titanium frames are durable (duhh), scratch resistant, and tend to be on the pricier side of things.

      Polycarbonate Frame Sunglasses

      This versatile, tough plastic offers serious impact resistance and can be found in many sport and safety glasses. Despite their durability, they tend to be rigid frames and are not very flexible. Polycarbonate frames make a good choice for kids as the frames can take a beating.

      Acetate Frame Sunglasses

      Acetate is a plastic itself, but it is a little different. Compared to a standard plastic frame (usually Acrylic or Polyurethane), Acetate frames are stronger, more flexible and generally lighter. Acetate frames can come in a huge variety of colors and textures, and since the color is embedded in the material itself instead of painted on, the color tends to stay.

      Plastic Frame Sunglasses

      Sunglasses can be made out of a wide variety of plastic frames, from Acrylic to Polyurethane. Plastic frames are generally the cheapest frames available and can be a great option if price is an issue. 

      Sunglasses Lens Materials

      Optical Glass Sunglasses Lenses

      Optical glass lenses are ground and polished to exacting standards to assure distortion-free vision. Optical glass is extremely durable and scratch resistant. The primary advantages to optical glass lenses are high levels of distortion-free vision and scratch resistance. The downside however is that they tend to be more expensive and when impacted sometimes spider or break, which can be a hazard for active sports.

      Polycarbonate Sunglasses Lenses

      Polycarbonate plastic lenses are the best bet for individuals who will be movin’ and shakin’ in their sunglasses. Polycarbonate lenses are made from a similar material to that of aircraft windshields and are virtually indestructible. Polycarbonate is light and scratch resistant (but not scratch proof), offers a high level of optical clarity, and is 50 times more impact resistant than optical glass. That makes it a very strong, distortion-free lens. The only disadvantages are a slightly lower level of scratch resistance as well as optical clarity that’s not quite as good as optical glass or NXT

      NXT Polyurethane Sunglasses Lenses

      This lens material is top of the line. It combines all the benefits of optical glass with all of polycarbonates performance capabilities. NXT Polyurethane lenses are the best choice for anyone willing to shell out the cash to get them. NXT lenses are made with Trivex, an advanced polymer material whose advantages include extreme impact resistance, superior optical clarity and ultralight weight.

      Acrylic Sunglasses Lenses

      Acrylic lenses are the go-to for an inexpensive sunglass solution, and an ideal choice for casual or fashion sunglasses. These retain much of the durability and optical clarity of top-shelf options with minor sacrifices but without the high price tag.

      Sunglasses Lens Tints and Coatings

      Different lens colors add to the performance of the lens in different lighting conditions but do not contribute to increased UV protection. Different lens colors provide an array of different looks and cause your eyes to react differently to varying light making certain colors more suitable for certain activities and conditions.

      Gray/Green Sunglasses Lenses

      These tints are color neutral and cut down on the intensity of light without changing colors, providing crisper contrast. The darker tints in this group are made to cut glare while reducing eye strain in brighter situations and enhancing depth perception. These lenses are good for activities where color can be important, like driving.

      Brown Sunglasses Lenses

      Brown tints, cutout neutral brown tones and give the wearer increased contrast and depth perception. They can cause color distortion.

      Yellow/Gold/Amber Sunglasses Lenses

      These lenses provide excellent contrast and depth perception; however, that comes as a trade for less protection from brightness. They work well in moderate to low light conditions because they increase contrast. They work well for overcast weather or snow and they are ideal for skiing, snowboarding and other snow sports.

      Rose/Vermilion Sunglasses Lenses

      Sir Elton’s favorite tint, these lenses provide great low light image resolution and still enhance contrast. They work by blocking the “hazy” blue end of the color spectrum and are a good choice for most activities. Rose lenses can be worn for long periods, as they cause very little eye strain over time.

      Blue/Purple Sunglasses Lenses

      Primarily for cosmetic wear, they don’t have much functional value. Note that this is very different compared to a blue or purple chrome, which are indeed functional and useful.

      Mirrored or Flash Coating Sunglasses Lenses

      This refers to a reflective film applied to the outside surfaces of some lenses that is highly desirable for people with high sensitivity to bright light. Also, if you don’t want people to be able to see your eyeballs - for some reason - then mirrored lenses are the way to go. They reduce glare by reflecting much of the light that hits the lens surface. Mirrored coatings make objects appear darker than they are, so lighter tints are often used to compensate for this.

      Brown Sunglasses Lenses

      Brown tints, cutout neutral brown tones and give the wearer increased contrast and depth perception. They can cause color distortion.

      Sunglasses Lens Technology

      Polarized Sunglasses Lenses

      When light reflects off flat surfaces such as water, snow, glass, sand or pavement it is reflected perpendicular to that surface. This reflective glare is very intense and has the potential to cause increased eye irritation, eye fatigue and in some cases restricted vision (It’s called Brewster’s Angle for you science folk out there). Polarized lenses, using horizontally-aligned polarizing micro crystals, block all vertical light and protect your eyes from this glare. Polarized lenses are particularly suitable for water sports, cycling and driving where there tends to be a high degree of reflective glare, but they do not offer additional UV protection.

      Photochromic Sunglasses

      Photochromic lenses automatically adjust to changing light intensities to protect you in a wider range of conditions (science in action). These lenses actually get darker (to block more light) on bright days, and lighter when conditions get darker. A couple of caveats: The photochromic process doesn’t happen instantly, and it takes longer to work in cold conditions. Also, it doesn't work at all when you’re inside a car (the change in tint is activated by harmful UVB rays, which don’t penetrate your windshield).

      Gradient Sunglasses Lenses

      Gradient lenses are tinted from the top down, so that the top of the lens is darkest. These lenses are good for driving, because they shield your eyes from overhead sunlight and allow more light through the bottom half of the lens so you can see your dashboard display clearly.

      Double Gradient Sunglasses Lenses

      Double gradient refers to lenses that are also tinted from the bottom up: The top and bottom are darkest and the middle has a lighter tint. Double gradient lenses are a great choice if you want sunglasses that aren't too dark, but shield your eyes well against bright overhead sunlight and light reflecting off sand, water and other reflective surfaces at your feet. These lenses are a good choice for water sports

      The Coolest Sunglasses Styles For Men: Summer 2022

      Contrary to popular belief, sunglasses are not just for when it’s warm. Here at Ape, we’re constantly baffled as to why the squinting masses don’t just commit to a great-looking pair of shades and carry them everywhere as a daily essential – just like they do with normal spectacles.

      Not only are sunglasses a constantly neglected chance to add flair, personality and a general sense of unwavering cool to an outfit, they’re also imperative for keeping your eyes healthy. Blocking damaging UV rays – whether on an unexpected sunny winter’s day or at the height of summer – is important. Doing it in style is even better.

      Comprising timeless designs and contemporary icons, below we’ve pulled together our edit of the best sunglasses styles for this summer. Trust us, all that squinting is going to give you wrinkles.

      Purchase Considerations

      First, here are a number of things you should consider carefully before committing to a new pair of sunglasses, from face shape to lens quality.

      Face Shape

      Kirk Originals

      The sunglasses face shape debate is a minefield, but there are certain conventions to follow. If your face is longer than it is wide – with softer lines around your cheeks and jaw – the last thing you want to do is make it appear longer, so avoid anything too small or John Lennon-like. Luckily, the rest of the sunglasses world is your oyster, so feel free to choose between square and rounder styles, with oversized and drop (think aviators) silhouettes working particularly well too.

      For the rest of us, the rules are a little trickier. Round and curved styles help soften sharper facial features such as pronounced cheeks and squarer jaws. Square frames with rounded corners can also work, but too much geometric shaping can emphasise your angles and appear quite brutal.

      Square faces (similar length and width) lend themselves to rounder styles, while rounder faces will benefit from a bit more structure and definition. If ever in doubt, the classic Wayfarer is a universal style that works for almost all men, so start from there.



      When comparing frames, it’s worth considering colour, material and detailing. Certain features, such as a double bridge or thicker rims, will accentuate particular parts of the face, drawing attention to a bushy brow or chiselled cheek bones. Bold colours have a similar effect, although it’s easier to get away with a splash of colour on a thinner frame. Tortoiseshell, black and metal frames are timeless options that will never go out of fashion.

      Acetate and metal are the go-to frame materials for most (read: high-quality) sunglasses on the market; the former being stronger and lighter than cheap, moulded plastic versions, ensuring increased durability and comfort. Metal frames, meanwhile, offer increased malleability and adjustability, lending themselves to thin and minimal designs.

      Any eyewear brand worth its salt will provide you with a free protective case, so use it. It will limit scratching and damage to both your frames and lenses, ensuring longevity.


      Oliver Peoples

      The bottom line when it comes to lenses is protection. Opt for those that offer full spectrum (100%) UV-protection, checking for the “CE” logo which guarantees they meet fundamental protection standards.

      Polarised lenses are designed to block glare and help with contrast, as do some tinted versions. Mirrored and coloured lenses provide a fashionable option and feature heavily in this season’s collections. However, be aware that what is trendy today will usually fall out of favour tomorrow, so if you want value for money stick with traditional lens colours like black, grey, green and brown gradients.

      Key Sunglasses Trends

      Coloured Acetate

      Kirk Originals

      Traditionally speaking, sunglasses have always been pretty simple in terms of colour variations. Your choices are typically limited to black or, if you’re feeling dangerous, tortoiseshell. With this in mind, it was only a matter of time before people began to demand something bolder and brighter – and their calls are finally being answered.

      You’re probably thinking this isn’t the eyewear trend for a discerning fellow like yourself but remember, colourful needn’t be a synonym for crude. Think earthy browns and greens; translucent navy and grey; burnt orange and maroon. Exercise restraint and it’s a great way to bring a pop of personality to an otherwise minimalist outfit.


      Oliver Peoples

      Naturally, sunglasses are transparent. Were they not, we’d routinely find ourselves bumping into things and getting lost on the way to the shops. Well, that’s true in terms of lenses, but frames on the other hand have always tended to be opaque.

      Not anymore. For a few years now, see-through frames have been on the rise and this year they’re firmly established as one of the key eyewear options worthy of consideration. It’s simple, yet different; plain, yet striking; and a nice way of lending classic silhouettes a contemporary edge.

      Sporty Silhouettes

      Mykita + Maison Margiela

      The endless trend cycle is unconcerned with our opinions. No matter how much we might want to believe that certain styles are beyond revival, sooner or later they’ll bob back to the surface. Case in point: sporty, aerodynamic shades.

      Nobody is going to tell you that wraparound shades are timeless or essential. What they are, however, is one of the biggest eyewear trends of the moment. If you’re keen to retain your dignity, it’s probably best to avoid restocking your entire sunglasses collection with frameless Oakleys but on the plus side, your cycling outfit just got a little bit cooler.



      Round or square. Unless you’re Elton John, that pretty much sums up the realistic options when it comes to picking a shape for your sunglasses. But that’s all beginning to change.

      Geometric sunglasses are emerging as a major trend. It might sound tacky but many of the subtler styles with softened corners and hexagonal frames are surprisingly wearable. Ray-Ban has some excellent examples, or if you’re after something a bit more striking, take a look at the jagged, angular frames now being offered by the likes of Saint Laurent and Burberry.

      The Coolest Sunglasses On The Market

      Featuring all of our favourite sunglasses brands in one carefully curated edit, each of the designs below guarantee quality, style and protection in abundance, so you can feel completely confident in your purchase.


      Key Frame: Folding Wayfarer Classic


      Times may change, sea levels may rise, the doomsday clock continues to tick… but no matter what happens, the Ray-Ban Wayfarer will be a foolproof choice that never dates. Opt for classic tortoiseshell frames with light brown gradient lenses and you’ll be in good company: everyone from David Beckham to JFK to Leonardo DiCaprio has been seen sporting them over the years.

      We’ve gone for the practical, foldable option as it’s a lifesaver being able to slot them into a pocket when you’re on the move.

      Buy now at Ray-Ban

      Saint Laurent

      Key Frame: SL 1


      Known for their unconventional shapes, oversized silhouettes and refined luxury, Saint Laurent’s shades have been firm favourites of A-listers and fashion insiders for decades. Granted, many of the styles take some serious confidence to pull off, but not all high-fashion frames are exercises in outlandishness.

      Take the SL 1 for example. This oversized, contemporary take on a classic Wayfarer style somehow manages to be both bold and restrained. It’s simple, but it commands attention, which is perhaps why it’s one of the Parisian brand’s most popular and iconic designs.

      Buy now at Sunglass Hut


      Key Frame: 714SM Steve McQueen


      Originally a maker of eyewear for pilots, lightweight aviators are Persol’s bread and butter. Steve McQueen’s choice of sunglasses, the brand has released a limited-edition version of its iconic 714 frames, featuring all the same details of the original model sported by the actor in The Thomas Crown Affair (1999). If they’re good enough for The King of Cool, they’re good enough for us.

      Buy now at Persol


      Key Frame: Aviator


      Gucci began life, as so many fashion houses do, producing luxurious luggage for the upper classes. Today it’s a multifaceted high-fashion powerhouse that produces, among many other things, some of the world’s most sought-after shades.

      Gucci’s take on the classic Aviator style has long been the label’s signature frame. It’s been reimagined in chunky acetate, subtle wire and just about every colour of the rainbow. Still, for what it’s worth, this simple gold and black top-bar version is the clear winner for us.

      Buy now at MATCHESFASHION

      Garrett Leight

      Key Frame: Brooks Sun


      Los Angeles, California. People call it the City of Angels, but we think the City of Sunglasses would be equally fitting. LA’s position as the global capital of film has seen it become a hotspot for celebs in shades, but also for the brands that make them. Garrett Leight is one such name.

      Named after its founder and son of fellow LA eyewear label Oliver Peoples, Garrett Leight produces some of the finest frames in not just the city, but the world. Take the Brooks Sun for example. This square-framed style is one of Garrett Leight’s bestselling models, featuring a distinctive key-hole shape.

      Buy now at MR PORTER

      Thom Browne

      Key Frame: Round Lens


      When it comes to interesting and stylish round lens sunglasses, Thom Browne is the master. Combining minimal metal frames with contemporary twists on shape, the American designer’s circular shades demand a double take. Our pick of the bunch, above, are handmade in Japan using silver and gold-toned metal and feature subtle yet striking brow bar detailing as well as Browne’s signature tricolour stripes. A modern classic.

      Buy now at END.


      Key Frame: Zolman Sun


      Iconic eyewear from an iconic New York family. For decades Moscot have created some of the most immediately recognisable spectacles on the market, adorning the faces of Big Apple royalty and trendsetters alike. The Zolman Sun is a classic round lens style from the brand’s archive that is great for square and oval face shapes.

      We particularly like the clear frame version with green glass lenses, handcrafted using Italian acetate and incorporating subtle Moscot branding to the arms.

      Buy now at Moscot

      Tom Ford

      Key Frame: Marko Aviator Polarised


      You can’t beat Tom Ford when it comes to tinted aviator swagger. The designer’s Marko shades are made in Italy and ooze 1970s cool, coming in on-trend rose gold with grey gradient polarised lenses. Ideal for longer and rectangular faces.

      Buy now at Shade Station

      Oliver Peoples

      Key Frame: Cary Grant Sun


      Producing meticulously crafted eyewear since 1987, Oliver Peoples’ glasses continue to be designed and created in their studio in West Hollywood, California. The Cary Grant Sun is inspired by the signature style worn by its namesake in the 1959 cinematic classic North by Northwest. Custom design details help to maintain the integrity of the original model, but quality is given a substantial upgrade thanks to the use of handcrafted custom acetate, hand-laid functional pins and polarised lenses.

      Buy now at Oliver Peoples

      Cutler And Gross

      Key Frame: 1341


      Since their inception at the tail end of the 1960s in swinging London, Cutler and Gross have built a reputation on producing creative, handcrafted frames using the very best Italian acetate. Their oversized 1341-03 square sunglasses are a fashion-forward statement, coming in a striking yet wearable “sherry” colourway and featuring a 9mm milled laminated acetate structure to eliminate weight, making them extremely comfortable despite their size.

      Buy now at Cutler and Gross


      Key Frame: Barstow


      It’d be nice if we could all afford to spend upwards of £150 on a pair of sunglasses. Sadly, that’s not the world we live in, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for less. If you do find yourself struggling to find a quality frame within your budget, allow us to point you in the direction of Swedish manufacturer Monokel.

      Using premium plant-based acetate, Monokel creates stylish sunglasses that keep prices down without compromising on quality. With it’s chunky, circular frame the Barstow is one of the brand’s hero styles and looks particularly handsome in trending green tortoiseshell.

      Buy now at END.


      Key Frame: Tonbridge


      Founded in King’s Cross, London in 2013, fledgling British brand Cubitts pride themselves on craftsmanship, with every pair of sunglasses going through 50 stages of production over a six-week period. Their Tonbrudge design has been inspired by modern literary figures of the 1960s and features a flat brown bar and keyhole bridge, adding a point of difference to an otherwise round shape. Available in 11 colourways, the slate grey version offers a versatile alternative to classic black frames.

      Buy now at Cubitts

      Kirk Originals

      Key Frame: Hays



      Another iconic sunglasses brand that prides itself on frames handmade in England, Kirk Originals are a go-to if you’re looking for classic shapes in timeless tortoiseshell colourways. Extremely wearable and with a satisfying weight to them, their Hays model is a slightly oversized, round lens silhouette that is as dynamic as it is elegant. We particularly like the dark blue gradient lenses.

      Buy now at Kirk Originals


      Key Frame: Paulin


      German eyewear brand Mykita specialises in cutting-edge styles distinguished by a progressive approach to form, construction and materials. This adds up to some truly distinctive designs that you will not find elsewhere, all featuring the latest in eyewear technology. Handcrafted in their home town of Berlin, these Paulin sunglasses – in a not-often-seen navy shade complete with striking orange detailing – are made from lightweight stainless steel and feature silicon temple tips and nose pads for comfort as well as a patented spiral hinge that makes them individually adjustable for a secure fit.


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